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In other words the average Joe could afford th is. Older computers are not bad computers and playing older PC Games can be a lot of fun. Show less Show more. This page was last edited on 27 July , at Views Read Edit View history. They will burn out and have a short life if not cooled properly. It did not have an analog output since it didn’t do 2D either.

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Here we will be reviewing the Voodoo3 in case you forgot what you clicked on.

In addition, the Voodoo3 consisted of one multi-texturing pipeline, the TNT series consisted of twin single texturing pipelines.

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Introduction 3dfx has established 3drx as one of the market leaders in manufacturing high-quality, high-performance 3D chipsets and cards. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Retrieved from ” https: I even had a Pentium II Mhz system given to me. The Voodoo3and differed mainly in clock frequencies memory and core were synchronous. Dual monitor support with V1.

3dfx 3Dfx Voodoo 3 (V32416) 16MB AGP Graphics adapter

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Voodoo2 board simply connected to boodoo regular 2D card by way of an external pass-through connector. About Us Employment Privacy Policy. I couldn’t have afforded a more expensive PC at that time nor did I at voodio specific time have the skill to build a custom PC.


Previous graphics boards made by 3dfx include the Voodoo Rush, Voodoo Banshee and the much-loved Voodoo2. This offered better quality than running in pure bit mode.

Sad that 3DFX went belly up but they will never be forgotten Read full review. To save framebuffer space, the Voodoo3’s rendering output was dithered to viseo bit. Privacy policy and Terms of Use. Avenger was thus merely a Voodoo2 with an integrated bit 2D video accelerator and twice the clock speed.

Older computers are not bad computers and playing older PC Games can be a lot of fun. Not to mention the cost of a 2D card. I purchased several of these used graphics cards because they had an awesome graphics capability that other graphics chipset makers couldn’t match in terms of quality and detail since it used 3DFX’s proprietary Glide API.

In addition to hardware manufacturing, 3dfx had written their own API for use with 3D applications okay, games known as Glide. I did wisely upgrade the power supply on that machine and both work and are used to this day!


The Voodoo2 was a 3D-only solution that allowed for extremely high frame rates during its time and was the hands-down leader performance-wise in the mainstream graphics industry.

3DFX Voodoo3 Videocard Review –

Although the Voodoo3 was a replacement for the Voodoo2, it was often beaten by Voodoo2 SLI cards in direct comparisons. The ‘Avenger’ graphics core was originally conceived immediately after Banshee. About a year and a half after the initial release of Voodoo2, the long-awaited Voodoo3 line of graphics accelerators hit the market.

With the purchase of STB Systems, 3dfx had acquired several popular brand names. This was in fact quite complex, as Voodoo3 operated to full bit precision 8 bits per channel, Of voodol, it came for a steep price. It was the successor to the company’s high-end Voodoo2 line and was based heavily upon the older Voodoo Banshee product.

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