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I’ve forgotten my password. You currently have javascript disabled. And a lot of baby-cams can shoot video these days, as well. Turn the camera on with the Mode button, then take pictures with the Snap button. The eDVR has an internal lithium ion battery that ought to run it all day; it recharges when the camera’s plugged into a PC a full charge takes two and a half hours.

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This suspicion on my part is supported by what happens when you use the eDVR in webcam mode. Sometimes you can get something that aspires to the status of art, but I wouldn’t reserve any gallery space just yet if I were you.

Not professional aerial effects quality, of course, but darn good for a dirt cheap buy-and-fly plastic plane with a simple consumer camera 5-jn-1 to it.

Applications Wdvr are some particular reasons to want a camera like this one rather than a “proper” digicam, even if you don’t care much about the price. And it bulks the eDVR’s mono audio track up into meaningless 16 bit stereo, too.

AVICreate converted the same file in less than ten seconds. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. So if you fill it with data, it’ll take more than four minutes to copy everything to your PC.

I could keep on whinging about this issue, but I needn’t, because there’s a way around it. The ASF files made by the Sunrich converter utility more or less meet the advertised specs of the camera.


Review: Sunrich Technology eDVR digital camera

Again, quality select mode. The “Mb” eDVR has, as is normal for storage devices, less real capacity than it says on the label. And STMicro make software for the available right here.

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5 In 1 Edvr Webcam Driver

WMV encoding isn’t garbage; it’s not easy to play on non-Windows platforms, sure, and it’s not the ideal format if you want to seek back and forth through a video clip, but as a final output format it’s acceptable for little low quality clips like this. The only thing wrong with the files, besides their obscure codec, is that they don’t have interleaved audio, so Media Player Classic will sensibly warn you not to burn them to CD without fixing that because the disc may flog like crazy while playing the file.

According to ancient tradition, the eDVR has two buttons, and a tiny two-character non-backlit black and white LCD screen.

Click here to Register a free account now! Turn the camera on with the Mode button, then take pictures with the Snap button.

Gorilla Bobs ST Labs 5-In-1 eDVR

But, I reminded myself at this point in the evaluation, it’s cheap. Its formatted capacity is Mb, though, which is still pretty good. This very fast processing clearly indicates that AVICreate is only changing headers and framing data, not the actual video.

That ain’t a problem. It had no trouble with these maximum-length files; it didn’t do something dumb like running out of memory and corruptly truncating the end of the exvr. Indoors at night you’ll be waiting something in the order of three seconds for it to take a still shot after you press the button.


The utility, eDVRCreate, ain’t arty, but it’s functional. This, also, wouldn’t be terribly annoying, if not for the fact that the eDVR automatically switches back to still photo mode from every other mode, if you don’t touch any buttons. The problem is that the eDVR software gives it to you as the initial format, so edcr just can’t edit the darn clips properly. It’s cheap enough that you won’t weep if you auger in and lose it well, you might weep, but not for the camera in particularit’s feather-light, and five minutes of video is quite enough for a model aircraft to do some interesting stuff.

Give Dan some money! Press the Mode button once, and you cycle through to audio clip mode.

STJ, even if you move everything off the camera after file Register a free account to unlock additional features at BleepingComputer. It never captures 5-ij-1because it can’t. So this thing looked pretty interesting.