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For working people seeking to be more productive on the road, turn the hotel room HDTV into a large monitor for your laptop. Miracast Android devices include those that are 4. Screenbeam streams using Miracast, a standard for screen mirroring technology. Screenbeam is not compatible with any Apple products. Drive better collaboration by fully enabling Windows 10 experiences and optimizing use of in-room touch displays and Windows Ink and true extend screen. Microsoft includes Miracast on devices that come with Windows 10 and 8.

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Airtame Cloud allows administrators to monitor status, rename, organize and group multiple devices, update firmware, change individual settings such as enabling pin actionfec, digital signage, and network settings. Unlike media players that just give you access to online video and content, ScreenBeam Mini2 Wireless Display Adapter lets you share virtually any local or online content from your device.

In the classroom — Teachers are no longer tethered to their desks where the cable is the only option to project to their screen. Screenbeam and Airtame 2 devices allow users to personalize their default backgrounds.

Microsoft includes Miracast on devices that come with Windows 10 and 8. Both Screenbeam and Airtame 2 are high-quality wireless streaming solutions designed for education and small to larger enterprises.

This is a huge advantage for commercial and education environments because it allows heavy video traffic to be moved off the network.

Linux users are a rare type, but luckily for them, Airtame 2 is a proud supporter of the powerful penguin party in audio and video. Wireless connectivity is core to our everyday lives: Screenbeam does not offer support for Linux. If your environment consists of users on multiple platforms, including Windows, Apple, Linux, and Chromebook, Airtame screnebeam is a better choice for supporting BYOD classrooms and offices.

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You can read more about the Screenbeam CMS here. ScreenBeam Experts are a commnunity of education professionals who are dedicated to helping other educators No apps, no wires, no delays.

Teachers speak from their own experience. Bear in mind, Screenbeam devices can only be powered by an AC adapter. No Content Limitations Unlike media players that just give scrernbeam access to online video and content, ScreenBeam Mini2 Wireless Display Adapter lets you share virtually any local or online content from your device.

Encouraged by the early success of mobile teaching, Sacred Heart took interactivity to the next level in Screen mirroring Miracast support actiiontec Windows and Android and native support for iOS and macOS delivers screen mirroring without apps or wires.

Wireless Display by ScreenBeam | Enterprise and Education Solutions

Luckily for them, both Screenbeam and Airtame offer systems for monitoring multiple presentation devices, but with a few important differences. Airtame Cloud is free of charge, so whether you use three or a hundred devices, it is a great and practical way to manage your Airtames. Airtame 2 is also cross-compatible with multiple platforms, making it a BYOD-friendly alternative. Airtame 2 offers support with full HD mirroring, although streaming with audio is not screenbeam available. The Screenbeam and devices both support this CMS.


Actiontec Screenbeam vs Airtame 2

No apps to load! Screenbeam has a wide variety of products with different features and price points. Airtame currently has four beta apps — Google Slides allowing you to present public presentations as homescreens ; Trello where you can connect and present project or team dashboards ; World Clock presenting up to four different time zones ; and Unsplash showcasing beautiful photography on your screens, based on screenebam selected descriptive tag.

Miracast does not rely on an existing network, and does not require a wireless access point. With Screenbeam, you can change the background images on the welcome screen or set a screensaver with an image of your choice. Airtame Cloud is a cloud-based application that uses a web browser. Download videos in advance from your favorite online sources like Netflix, Hulu or YouTube and display it from your phone or laptop.

Since Airtame Cloud is cloud-based, you can manage and update devices from a remote location.

Create Collaborative Spaces with ScreenBeam Wireless Display

Here is a good place to start: It allows the administrator to monitor status, organize and group multiple Screenbeam receivers according to location, push screehbeam, reset and change individual preferences, and change network settings. Screenbeam is not compatible with any Apple products. Here is a good place to start.