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this drivers are usual, but they are fresh. for you it is very important to keep your files up to date. on our website you may find any driver you need and of course download it for free. we will be happy if you will come here again, soon.



The first thing that you can’t miss with this driver is its stunning good looks. What was nice was that even though it launches high, it doesn’t balloon. There are 3 slightly curved depressions carved into the crown. They work hard on managing the spin rate too with their heads and this one is no different. The has not displaced the from my bag. It was fairly accurate too.

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Thanks for the info on MB2s, I really like the look of them. As I said at the outset, Adams has a bit of problem on their hands.

Also contributing the the increase in ball speed is the overall decrease in weight much like that of the UL driver which helps to deliver the club to impact faster.

A buddy recently swapped a Diamana White 73x out of his into a and says he gave up nothing but gained forgiveness out on the toe. The sole spefdline a matte finish, which gives it an almost raw appearance, which is actually kinda cool.

Adams UL Driver – IGolfReviews

The final product rings in at an emaciated grams, and an overall swing weight of D0. Adams Golf UL Speedline Driver The UL Driver is the first in the industry to combine the proven benefits of aerodynamic shaping with perfectly balanced lightweight club construction to give players of all types more consistent distance.


Shaft to Long For Shorter Players. Are you tired of fighting your driver?

Looking at the crown, the most notable feature is the Velocity Slot Technology, which allows for more of a spring-like effect when the face flexes upon impact. Two of those lofts 9. I wish we had time to fully test the tour models as supplementals to our regular reviews, and I continue to request OEMs send them when available. As you can probably gather, if a player like Baddeley has them in the bag, they are targeted towards the better player.

At least you can always count on Adams woods to look reasonably traditional at address…well at least before the velocity slot thing came along. Tony is the Editor of MyGolfSpy where his job is to bring fresh and innovative content to the site. Plus, we get a look at their new players irons, the Idea MB2.

ULTIMATE REVIEW! – Adams Speedline 9088 UL Driver

Other lightweight drivers on the market have heavy swing weights that are difficult for most players to release resulting in shorter drives that end up right of the target line.

Notify me of new posts by email. All versions are available for right handed players, though the standard Speedline LP 3 wood and 5 wood are available in left handed models as well. The feel has always been very hot speedlie their drivers. Specifically, how does this driver, that received an overall performance score of Tester Perceived Forgiveness Score: Designed to produce a higher launch in an easy to hit package, the Speedline LP looks to be a strong companion to the previously mentioned UL driver.


Adams Golf Speedline 9088 UL Driver Golf Club

The first thing that you can’t miss with this driver is its stunning good looks. From a couple of spy picks I saw of the next Fast series driver, it seems like they crossed lu.

This data serves as the foundation for our final performance score. He did not do anything to adjust swing weights, just swapped out the shaft. I have a fast tempo, so I have avoided buying ultralight clubs I do test them out.

There are 3 slightly curved depressions carved into the crown. Andy Greenwald 7 years ago. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. GolfSpy T 7 years ago.

As to swing speed, I jumped on the LM and received about 5 additional mph over a Superfast 2. It feels a bit more solid, less metallic at impact. Golf manufactures need to step up on their choice of stock grips.