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this drivers are usual, but they are fresh. for you it is very important to keep your files up to date. on our website you may find any driver you need and of course download it for free. we will be happy if you will come here again, soon.



Hello, Thanks for posting. I’m assuming its big brother will probably work with Asio4All too???? You don’t have JavaScript enabled. As a final note, one tremendous benefit that the MultiMix FireWire offers is that you can monitor through it without latency at all. Employee April 03, It’s very frustrating and confusing.

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The multi mix will more than likely be recognized as a USB audio device by Windows. In the end, all of the audio is sorted out and played correctly, but with a delay. I had an idea that that’s what ASIO drivers were.

Go to original post. Another thing to note is Auditions own Monitoring settings. Please type your message and try again. But every time you add a track and need to hear what you already recorded then the lower the latency the better I only wish I knew this myself, before I was ‘stuck’ with an Alesis product.

Hello, Thanks for posting. I just read the specs Plus, the Sonar template zlesis comes with requires no modification or changes.

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

I would try those out. Heck I go over and do it to now: FastBikerBoy Anyway, there are no x64 drivers for the multimix series Sorry for the confusion.


I have a multimix albeit a FW12 but that’s older technology than the USB versions of the multimix and I have drivers that work on Windows 7 x64, so you should be able to get drivers for yours without any problem.

In the best of all possible worlds, there would be no such thing as latency—we would hear audio the moment it was created. Forums Posts Latest Posts.

Is there an ASIO driver available for the Alesis Multi Mix 8 USB?

This has been a great purchase! There is also multomix firmware update utility that might work for all in the multi mix series http: Best Regards, Jim Roseberry jim studiocat. If you start to hear clicks, pops and other glitches in your audio, consider increasing your buffer size at this time. I’m assuming its big brother will probably work with Asio4All too????

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the million dollar question. I see that the 4 channel version of the multimix has Asio4All driver link on the spec sheet page. Plus I’d email Alesis tech support and tell them that someone over there said no drivers are on the page. Here are the basic considerations to consider when adjusting buffer sizes:.


Once it’s up you need to look for a Buffer size option. In this case you may not get the results you want as the buffer settings and all are determined by the default windows driver It seems as though with the older USB 1.

Wish to upgrade the audio chain. It is a bit missleading on their site though as there is 3 different versions of the MultiMix 8, but I should have known better.

Tech guy at Alesis is an idiot Jim Roseberry Max Output Level: This should bring up the control panel for your audio device.