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Methods and apparatus for inducing a fundamental wave mode on a transmission medium. The system actually operates from the battery unit, which is occasionally when the sun is up re-charged from the embedded solar panel unit. This is especially useful in a side-side repeater. Displacement currents virtual electrons therefore go from one end of the dipole, curve out in space, and terminate at the other end of the dipole. Electromagnetic energy therefore radiates from the ends of an antenna element dipole or patch in the direction of the accelerating electrons. Antenna arrangement with reduced coupling between transmit antenna and receive antenna. Cellular communications system with centralized base stations and distributed antenna units.

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US20140127989A1 – Repeaters for wireless communication systems – Google Patents

Methods and apparatus for inducing a fundamental wave mode on a transmission medium. Thus, the system gain is increased without inducing ringing. Additional details shown in FIG. At the top end of the towera mobile-facing antenna and a base-station-facing antenna are mounted facing in generally opposite directions. Instead of connecting the physically separated antennas via coaxial cable, the physically separated antennas can be coupled wirelessly, using either RF or infrared wireless coupling.

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Cellular communications system with centralized base stations and gwming antenna units. This application would embed the RF electronics within the antennaand mount the system to the laptop unit. Additional advantages and modifications will readily appear to those skilled in the art.

Accordingly, departures may be made from such details without departing from the scope of the general inventive concept. For example, a 2.


This is especially useful in the integrated repeater. A ground plane for the antenna is provided on the lower surface of the repeater body which contains the electronics.


For example, the first antenna 52 might be used to receive incoming RF signals from, and transmit signals to, receier transmitter or another repeater, that is, in the link mode.

The electronics for connecting the antenna to the necessary diplexers, filters, and power amplifiers are contained within a metal housing 15and the antenna sheet 13 is fastened to one side of gaminng housing Transponder systems and methods for radio-over-fiber RoF wireless picocellular systems.

A signal repeating element comprising: The periphery of the ground-plane plate 41 is captured within a slot in the inner periphery of the second choke frame The opposite ends of the receicer 40 b are connected to the RF circuitry on the board The signal repeating element of claim 1 further comprising a plurality of receive antenna elements. Method and apparatus using GPS to determine position and attitude of a rotating vehicle.

Antenna arrangement with reduced coupling between transmit antenna and receive antenna. recfiver

For two adjacent antennas, oriented in the same direction, where one is transmitting active and the other is receiving passivethe active antenna pushes virtual electrons into space which terminate on the passive antenna.

Method and apparatus for use with a radio distributed agming system having a clock reference.

Apparatus for controlling operations of a communication device and methods thereof. The beamsteering may be accomplished by tilting or rotating the respective panels until the maximum signal strength, or some other measure of signal quality is achieved.

The adaptive cancellation approach removes a significant portion between 10 dB and 40 dB of the feedback signal power, therefore increasing the total system isolation by the same amount 10 to 40 dB. Providing digital data services as electrical signals and radio-frequency rf communications over optical fiber in distributed communications systems, and related components and methods.


Each secondary repeater receives the RE signal via a link antennaamplifies the RF signal to produce a second GPS signal and re-transmits the second GPS signal via a second broadcast antenna inside the structure The outer radius dimension is chosen to eliminate surface-wave excitation from the equivalent ring of magnetic current at the outer edge of the recceiver that corresponds to the TM.

Examples of commercial uses of the GPS include: Thus, a pair of patches 37 and 38 are printed on a dielectric plate receive seated in gming recess 40 formed by a metal plate 41 that also forms a ground plane for the patches 37 and The fins preferably have height and spacing dimensions related to one-fourth wavelength at the center frequency of the frequency band gaminng amplified and re-transmitted by the repeater, e.

A mobile-facing antenna exchanges signals with the subscriber which may be a mobile subscriber as illustrated by an automobile at reference numeral These virtual electrons then force the actual electrons on the surface of the passive antenna to recdiver, and induce a potential at its feed point.

The plane of the middle antenna is parallel to that of the base-station-facing antennabut the planes of the other two antennas and intersect the planes of antennas and at angles of about Here a plurality of antenna elements are arranged in a 3 by 3 array.