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And considering I will be using headphones most of the time in order to not disturb class or my dorm mates , this will thankfully not be a big problem. The drive was originally partitioned into three FAT32 drives including one hidden but a simple script accessible via the desktop allowed for the conversion into NTFS preferred by XP. The magnetic latch of the lid is fantastic, and the hinge itself is so sturdy as to sometimes require two hands for proper positioning. If pressure is applied it exhibits a slight wobble. Right side view of W3j ports view large image. I would have preferred to see these key positions switched, but in the end it serves as only a minor irritation.

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There is no light-leakage meaning bleeding of the backlight through the seams that I can perceive, nor are there any dead-pixels. Asus W3J screen taken from the right side, notice the reflection from the glossy screen view large image. However this a very small issue. The air blown out of the vent is rather hot, and can cause discomfort. Most importantly, a look at bpuetooth the Simpsons plays on the W3j view large image Speakers: Input and Output Ports: There is no other way to put it, but to say that the Asus W3J is one sexy beast.


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I am confident in stating that you will enjoy the experience. Coming from a desktop system with an excellent speaker system set up, I set my expectations very low regarding sound quality.

If you are using graphics intensive programs you will feel heat out of this vent. Below is the overall 3DMark05 score and comparison to other notebooks: I found that it constantly dropped the connection. Do not expect to have 5 to 6 hours of gaming and movie watching on this laptop with the battery. However I am quite q3j to report that the sound is too low, even for a laptop.

As you can see the Asus W3j more than adus its own in performance. I just disabled it and allowed Windows to configure the wireless networks, and have not yet had a problem with it. However plugging in an external speaker set or headphones negates this problem quickly. I hope this remains the case for some time.


The W3j emerges at an interesting time in computer evolution, in that it stands on the verge of the introduction of bit technology. As I mentioned above it shipped with quite a few additional software.

The gloss of the screen might seem extreme from some of the included pictures, but I have not found this to be the case. The other data is provided for comparison purposes only.


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The touchpad is a pleasant surprise. When the W3 was first released there was no small debate about the rationale of using a WXGA resolution instead of something higher. Where and How Purchased: At first boot-up I found approximately 40 processes running and over three-quarters were useless to me i.

Once the optical drive kicks in, ssus will be noticeable in a quiet room.

Asus W3J+ Review (pics, specs)

But it has exceeded my expectations albeit low ones. I found that I had use for only the Power4Gear and Bluetooth buttons so I disabled the other processes. I find the stroke distance to be slightly more than that of typical notebook keyboards, which I also enjoy.

The hinge is strong and sturdy and in fact requires two hands to open. Kensington lock port 1 USB 2. Asus W3J screen straight on view large image. Eksterne lydkort Interne lydkort.