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The first time the Undertaker was challenged explicitly to end The Streak. Following various brawls between their respective allies, Undertaker would have Kane hold Stephanie McMahon hostage unless then-commissioner, William Regal, give them matches against Triple H and the Big Show respectively. Alternatively, they can try to break it as any other wrestler in the game. Kubota boasts an impressive resume of 9 wins with his lone loss coming by way of decision. The Internet Wrestling Database.

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During No Way OutUndertaker would face The Rock after the two had been feuding, but he would lose the match thanks to Ric Flair’s interference, sparking a feud between the two which led to a match at Wrestlamania.

The Tombstone Piledriver – Who Did It Best?

It was an opportunity to be a career-maker, and fortunately I was able to take advantage of that. Retrieved 7 June Your streak, tombstobe title, your soul will be mine”. Hartford Civic Center Hartford, Connecticut. Towards the end, Michaels hit Sweet Chin Music on the outside, leaving Undertaker lay on the broadcast table, before performing a top-rope moonsault, breaking the table.

Update On Aiden English After Undertaker Tombstone | TheSportster

April 9th 11K shares. During the 22 minute match Punk delivered a Macho Man elbow drop from the top rope onto The Undertaker, piledrivre was draped on the Spanish broadcast table. The finish, described as “emotionally charged”, involved Undertaker using all four of his recognized finishers Tombstone Piledriver, Last Ride, chokeslam, Hell’s Gate without managing to finish the match on any occasion; Undertaker’s “wide eyed look of sadness and desperation on his face” after Michaels kicked out of the Tombstone Piledriver was described as tombstlne “snapshot of the heart and passion that was on display at the spectacle”.


Undertaker would then prevail at Smackdown’s Elimination Chamber at No Way Out to become the number one contender for Edge’s title at Wrestlemania.

Archived from the original on December 28, The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Batista put Undertaker back in the ring and attempted a pin to no avail as Undertaker kicked out, who then did the Last Ride and a chokeslam, but was unable to score a pin from plledriver move.

WrestleMania’s widespread success helped transform the sport of professional wrestling and made WWE the most successful wrestling promotion in the world, prompting WWE to promote the event as the “Super Bowl of sports entertainment “.

The vast majority of professional wrestling industry insiders believe that The Undertaker is may make his in-ring return for a feud with John Cena that culminates biggedt WrestleMania I said, “Why not? Citrus Bowl Orlando, Florida.

SkyDome TorontoOntario, Canada. Shortly afterwards, with the steel steps inside pilledriver ring, Triple H hit a spinebuster on Undertaker, who then managed to lock in the Hell’s Gate, which was countered when Triple H lifted him up and slammed him on the steel steps.

Retrieved April 2, Shawn, I’ve got nothing to prove to you. In a controversial angle the week before WrestleMania 29CM Punk’s manager Paul Heymandressed as, and using tobmstone mannerisms of, the recently deceased Paul Bearercame out to confront The Undertaker whilst flanked by Undertaker’s signature druids.


Triple H nails a Tombstone Piledriver on The Undertaker: WrestleMania 27 | WWE

The match was littered with weapon shots, including 16 consecutive chair shots by Triple H, followed by a sledgehammer shot to the skull, all the while Undertaker instructed Michaels not to stop the match. When we get in the ring together, I think it’s magic.

Perhaps this odd happening in the world piledirver MMA could indeed be an ominous sign of the Deadman making his way back into the limelight. Retrieved 26 December March 14, WrestleMania XX. As Undertaker attempted to assault them, Punk, in disguise as a druid, assaulted Undertaker before pouring the ashes of an urnpurporting to be those of Bearer’s, over Undertaker.

The Undertaker won the casket match when he put Mark Henry inside the casket.

Triple H, Cena vs. During the match, Undertaker attempted his signature suicide dive, but Michaels pulled a cameraman in the way, leaving Undertaker to land awkwardly on his tombstne the spot was said to have “added more drama and emotion to the match, and gave it an element of realism”. March 23, WrestleMania Safeco Field Seattle, Washington.

April 4, WrestleMania IX. I think we always have the same goal, and that’s just to give a heck of a competitive match. The Internet Wrestling Database. Undertaker – From the Vault theme song album.