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Does it spin at all? My assumption was it was a CPU issue since I identified the blinking as being a single blink sequence. Something not plugged it correctly, memory not seated properly, etc… Did you remove the CPU? But what is the maximum I can achieve with this laptop e. I did find a link talking about the same problem I was having and the guy ended up taking it to a computer store to have it repaired. See all results for hp pavilion dv5.

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Download the official service manual for HP Pavilion dv5.

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I 66212 all screw drivers nothing works. I replaced the video cable and it seems to work better but there is stillsome flickering especially when I move the screen itself. Compare your part number with all motherboard part number listed on the page 20 in the service manual.

After that let it dry and try turing on. A few days ago my computer turned on, and froze on the black screen.

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Arvin July 21, Hi! No plug in the AC adapter and try turning it on again. Pressing the power seems nothing to change.


All were dead even chocony fan. So thanks again from Austria! But what is the maximum I can achieve with this laptop e. I cant even access the bios. One of the possible reasons — failed memory module. But to no avail.

Contents of /ldetect-lst/branches/1/lst/usb.ids

Unfortunately, I cannot help without looking at the laptop. What do you think? Dear readers, it takes countless hours to create content for this site and xnf it up and running. Bodene Robertson December 20, hi thanks for this it helped me to cleam my fan… but i put it back together and the laptop turns on and seems to be working but screen is just black, any idea of what i have done wrong?

I am not sure if these temps are high or not. Could there be a problem with the CCFL bulb? Stripped laptop down to see if anything dislodged. I had to re-install every software from HP, but it does not switch on when hot. Maybe the fan is bad or there is a problem with the motherboard and it cannot start the fan. Do you think it is something simple or potentially bad? It worked a few more times before it started giving BSODs.

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It actually worked all day fine until the morning it could power on. Check video cable cnicony on the chicong and back of the LCD screen. Love and hugs if you can help. If you have a possibly working Turion 2 CPU, I might be able to take that off your hands and see if it works in mine. Gracias Krista Chirayunon October 14, Liquid spilled on my laptop. Which battery do I need to order from the electronics shop? I guess your numbers should be close.

The system is working great but there is still some overheating.

This is a great site and it helped me to replace fan on HP dv5 se. Jen January 5, Thank you!