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If the issue persists, please upload log files from CommServe, MediaAgent and Client and contact your vendor’s support hotline with the job ID of the failed job. The socket connection was lost unexpectedly. Invalid information sent to the archive manager while closing the chunk on the media. This warning may indicate that you should modify settings on the server. Unauthorized attempt to modify properties at replication set Level.

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Could not Remove Path, Repset: Cannot seal the store because DDB move partition job is running on this store. Click Yes if you still want to proceed with the name change. The storage policy has significant amount of pending data to copy. Failed to commit the documents pushed.

Failed to set restore parameters. Failed to flush the File Extent records. Failed to get result from CreateIndex on MediaAgent. Failed to set the ACLs.


Please provide a different destination folder. Jobs are running for this Storage Policy. Network password does not match.

System Messages, Event Strings and Error Codes

Release number in license file is not valid for this CommCell. Please check Network Connectivity. Do you still want to exit the program? Please make sure this product’s Services are running. Do you want to close it and start a new instance?

Contact your software provider for assistance.

User dont have enough permission to edit this alert. Operation was terminated abnormally. There is no valid archive file for the given archive file name and Storage Policy Copy.

To enable the File and Printer Sharing firewall exception: Failed to open Archive File. Unable to get Global Secondary Copy Policy dependent copies due to error.

Event ID – 1017

The File and Printer Sharing firewall exception is not enabled on a remote system running Windows Vista. Please check the restore result for more details. The socket getsockname failed. Make sure there are no port conflicts under all instances on this machine. If the problem persists contact your software provider. The first license to use should always be a license of type NEW and cannot be Replace or anything else. Please enter unique library name.

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Some backup jobs are skipped because they are aged on destination copy. Auto re-synchronization with Media Manager service started.

Contact Microsoft Technical Support. Failed to resolve host name: Control block index index name. Credentials for SQL integrity check enabled for subclient: