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As far as the arduino experience so far goes, I am trying to use a ublox mcq8 gps breakout board which i got over the 6 or 7 as its got a built in voltage converter. Buy Adafruit Ultimate GPS Breakout – 66 Fixed it’s position with internal antenna from inside the house under a fairly thick tree canopy. This makes it trivial to interface with the Arduino: Ensure a minimum of 12mm of USB connector is left uncovered when fitting the heatshrink. No luck there either. RTS is an ouput to control the external data sending data. The PCB has a solid thin copper sheet ground plane a little larger than the GPS module, and a thin insulator between the module and the ground plane.

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Having a USB port makes it easier to test and configure the module with the uBlox U-Center application, which I find convenient to use as a way to test and characterize a module. The NEO-6 series is not their latest and greatest.

We used one that was mounted on a breakout board from Uputronics. For assistance in selecting a current generation GNSS module please contact us for comprehensive development support from our team of experts. Once you know, you Newegg! Hey Guys, I’m using the ublox max-m8c pico breakout with chip antenna because it is one of the only GPS unit that works to the heights I need as I’m making a data collection system for a weather balloon.


Serial interface plus a Pulse Per Second pin. This would normally connect to the external device RTS pin. We are a leading supplier of of robots, sensors and robotic development tools in this region. The data sheet says that the chip is compatible with the 6 and 7 chips and so presumably works in the same way.

Z to A Avg.

The code for this is in ubloxp. Power usage is incredibly low, only 20 mA during navigation.

TC2030-FTDI-TTL-232R USB to TC2030 Serial Cable

Released as open source under the General Public Licence V2, it can be used as the foundations for your custom applications. I’ve purchased uBlox M8T modules from two small vendors in Europe catering to the drone enthusiast market. There are many GPS choices, and most will provide the time data that this project needs.

The Gowoops Ublox NEO-6M is one of many products on the market to use this particular receiver unit, and it happens to be both one of the most well-received and one of the best-priced.

You should be able to satisfy a large range of users with any ublox 6, 7 or 8T. The M8n ublox gps units are lower cost and can output 10hz. You have probably arrived here after visiting one of our trade shows and received your free sample of the TTLR-PCB kit and are wondering what you can do with it. When at logic 1 the external device should stop transmitting.


Ublox gps breakout

GPS provides quick and easy geo location data and is capable of determining speed. To make them Plug and Play.

This GPS module uses the latest technology to give the best possible position information, allowing for better performance with your Ardupilot or other Multirotor control platform.

It has also high sensitivity for indoor applications. The ublox 6m and the ublox 7m look pretty good i am using the 6m and ttll232r far its not been shabby. We have designed new micro version 25x25mm with weight 8.

The SAM-M8Q is just as high quality, with equally impressive configurability, with a much lower price point. These are Pre-configured, Flashed with the correct settings, and tested. For this you will need a soldering iron and solder. The detachable high gain antenna supports fast satellite acquisition, keeping the gps accuracy within 5m.

TCFTDI-TTLR USB to TC Serial Cable – Tag Connect

Following the link will provide example code also. Includes 6x20mm ceramic antenna. No luck there either. Also, beware many of these do not remember their baud rate and update rate settings if their backup battery dies. Silkscreen says CP RS converter chip.