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As with anything you’re 10x more likely to hear about problems than from those that don’t have any, but it’s almost to the point I wonder if anything is a “sure thing” for everyone anymore. I downloaded that SI drivers page 1. Aside from just mounting the. However, Silicon Image has not released a new driver for ExpressCards that use their chips in well over a couple of years. Message was edited by: And now I got 2 Kernel panics with the same error that you described! So Happy to Have It ” With limited hard drive space on my laptop now I can bring along a portable esata hard drive and start editing right on the shoot then easily continue when I get back to the studio and I want to work from my mac pro instead.

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However, I have pulled it before powering down and disconnecting drives and never had a kernel panic.

I’ve installed it and had a wee look. Both ports work at once or individually with multiple drives or drive cases. I have a FYI asking to check for this in the feedback request section belowbut it’s clearly often missed so I’ve made that note RED text to get more attention. Has anyone else had this problem with the LaCie card?

Snow Leopard Incompatibility With Many eSATA Cards : Apple Final Cut Pro Legacy

Multiple tries, failure, nothing It does not matter if the card has been powered off or not. But he later wrote with a fix I figured it out. Both times this happened, the computer was plugged in to power and recharging a partially depleted battery. Mine are LaCie 2Bigs. From a reader mail tonight FYI to anyone that might be affected, and welcome exrpesscard feedback on this “World of Warcraft and Does it work now? Jason, Have you been able to copy from one eSata drive to another using the two eSata ports on the LaCie card?


And now I got 2 Kernel panics with the same error that you described!

Snow Leopard Incompatibility With Many eSATA Cards

I found the solution. And, I can mount drives, and hot swap drives, and copy and use drives at great speed. The expresscards page here had a post on that although not everyone reported a problem – as well as comments on a SI ‘firmware’ update. I was getting many freezes in FCP when drives were daisy-chained.

Run Time Machine and SuperDuper! In the meantime, if anyone verifies those drivers work with I have been using an OWC esata express card to connect to another hard drive.

I get a lot of mails on just OS X software update problems, most I can’t replicate personally, even on similar hardware.

Silicon Image eSATA driver update for Lion?

I plugged in the card, which worked just fine. This will need some investigating and I may compare drivers between It doesn’t matter whether I’m using the hard disk or not, I mean that sometimes it works fine until some point, and sometimes it just crashes, even when I just plug the card. It will default back to the current I just got Premiere Pro and wanted to run in 64 bit mode. This solved the problem.


To save space here page already huge see my comments in the Jan. The laptop’s fans themselves never came up to full leipard, I suppose because the CPU itself was relatively cool.

This next part sounds crazy, but this is how I got this configuration to work on two separate machines. I subsequently purchased Snow Leopard but I use some Native Instruments music software that is now unsupported by Native Instruments and therefore won’t run on Forgot to mention, I am running!

Okay – figured griffij the kernel panics coincidental I have no relation to any of these companies other than being a satisfied customer. Not in 32bit or 64bit environs.