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Using a variety of sources I gave the XP about hours of burn-in before any serious listening would take place. When Pass Labs comes out with a new piece of gear the audio industry takes notice. The XP easily meets and exceeds my requirements. This makes a very quiet transformer both electrically and mechanically. Tiedown devices, auto frame svc. At this time GTW equipment was numbered within the CN numbering system framework, but in more recent years has evolved into its own system.

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This makes ttw very quiet transformer both electrically and mechanically. It was the same colorful lesson each time. Her rich and expressive voice pours forth through my system and the XP raises the bar by creating such an excellent three dimensional image one can almost be fooled into believing she is singing in your listening room.

And lower voltages mean the ability to run gain devices more deeply into Class A at higher bias currents.

The XP will now be joining my system as preamplifier of choice. The Pass Labs XP aesthetics are simple, strong and elegant with an emphasis on functionality.

Enclosed, low deck, no roof. This redesigned volume control results in greater precision with a more luxurious feel.

This ability to provide such clarity is but one of the characteristics of the XP that so impressed. Flush deck, stub bridge plates.

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Pass Labs XP Preamplifier and XA25 Amplifier | The Absolute Sound

The XP uses a single stage volume control borrowed from the XS line preamp. Sometimes an audio review boils down to a single clarifying moment—an instant that crystallizes what you were hearing from the very beginning but were struggling to capture in words.

My current reference preamp is the Music First Audio Classic V2 Preamplifier and is noted for its transparency, accuracy of musical timbre and soundstage. The front panel is dominated by a large, bright and easy-to-read adjustable fluorescent display, a mode selector button for the single large multi-purpose knob which serves as manual volume control, a balance control, input selector switches, and a mute button.

Nonetheless, the preamp is the recipient of a new power supply incorporating an efficient toroidal design that sports a mu-metal shield with epoxy fill—keys to producing a quiet transformer both electrically and mechanically. The digital circuitry is powered by its own power supply and fully isolated from the analog supply. Enclosed, no roof, no end doors.

Low deck, tiedown devices, auto frame svc. Commercial truck frame svc. The unit is clearly high end. I was looking at the rainbow array of flavors—a bright cartoon cacophony of color.

Individual instruments possessed more textural information, providing a more complete image with greater separation. I could only guess how good its bigger siblings sound.

The single-stage electronic volume control is borrowed from the Xs line preamp. The human voice is complex and capable of transmitting gte much information that we respond immediately to the most subtle of changes.


Except for the large, though far from massive, heatsinks festooning the XA25, these separates are smaller, unadorned, yet instrument-grade in appearance and construction. Flush deck, frame svc.

What kind x; picture would this new XP paint? Input five does double-duty as a home-cinema pass-through activated by the pushbutton remote control. Flush deck, small vehicle loading svc. The XP preamp eschews the dual-chassis, outboard power supply of its uptown siblings in favor of a compact single chassis—an ideal fit for a modestly sized den or listening room.

A GTA reporting mark was created for three series of auto racks in late The recording that first put me in this mindset was the tasteful series of duets between guitarist Pat Metheny and bassist Charlie Haden from the album Beyond the Missouri Sky [Verve]—a brilliant exchange filled gyw complex harmonic interactions and fine gradations of dynamic energy. Company fuel oil svc.

Pass Labs XP-12 Preamplifier and XA25 Amplifier

Flush deck, corporate A frame svc. Low deck, protective screens. Tiedown equipment, farm machinery svc.