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The vocals are definitely on the harsher side of thrash, but they really fit the style that Hammerlord is playing and lend an extra note of aggression to the album that would be missed if they used a Bay Area style vocalist instead of Steve. Despite featuring members from bands such as Nodes of Ranvier and The Esoteric not to be confused with the British doom metal band Esoteric , Hammerlord went through the conventional routes listed to gain some level of recognition. Are you a musician? I went with my friend Andy Muehl. I currently play in Hammerlord check us out on Facebook. I have played in a lot of bands through the years:

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How long have you been playing? What’s the biggest audience you ever performed to? Hammerlord piledrivver be a bit more messy than, say, your Vektor or your Havok, but Hammerlord bring the “rage” in “raging thrash” more than either of those two luminaries of new wave thrash.

Who was your biggest musical influence growing up? Now, that same intensity is repeated for the other eight songs on the album, and rarely lets the listener up until the end. If you could jam with anyone, who would it be? Fans of bands such as Exodus and Municipal Waste should also look into the album to get their thrash fix. Hammerlord play a dirty Sodom and Kreator influenced thrash that’s fast, pissed off, and takes no fucking prisoners.

Hammerlord – Tombstone Piledriver. Hammerlord definitely resides at the top end of new wave thrash, and while I am still waiting for an epic win from them, they have done really quite well here with their sophomore release.


Tombstone Piledriver, a song by Hammerlord on Spotify

It is my favorite bass of all time. Although the drums are occasionally a touch too loud in the mix for my tastes, the production does call to mind the dulcet tones of Hordes Of Chaos or Enemy Of God minus the brick tombstlne. The rest is history Wolves at War’s End Hammerlord.

Fans of The Esoteric will likely be interested in Hammerlord to hear what Stevie Cruz does in the band. In fact, the riffs are quite good, just not epic or unforgettably great.

Tombstone Piledriver

There are some nods to modern metal drumming styles which Hammerlordd enjoy, because the modern touches are used very effectively for emphasis, and allow more dynamics in the rhythm section than more straightforward thrash drums. The vocals are definitely on the harsher side of thrash, but they really fit the style that Hammerlord is playing and lend an extra note of aggression to the album that would be missed if they used a Bay Area style rombstone instead of Steve.

No explanation needed, It’s Nick Cave. That’s not to say the riffs are bad. Are you in a band? Write a nice comment optional. Biggest, probably when Hammerlord played with Rob Zombie in to about 12K people.

More by Hammerlord

Are you a musician? Originally posted on http: Bassist in Lawrence, Kansas. Smallest, well too many to think tomgstone. The lyrics are a net plus, but it would behoove Hammerlord if the lyrics Steve was writing were a touch less goofy.


tombstone piledriver on Tumblr

Besides, The Undertaker is still metal right?! Despite the hardcore influences that some of the band members Stevie Cruz and Adam Mitchell were in The Esoteric, with Cruz still being in the band, and Terry Taylor was in Nodes of RanvierHammerlord is a thrash metal hammerlrod that plays up the fantasy themes within their songs.

Lots of those when I was younger and would play any show thrown at me!

hammerlrd There are many bands that aim to make a name for themselves, and many of them get their start through outlets such as college radio and word of mouth from friends of the band members. I then decided to buy a bass because Gene Simmons was cool as hell and he played bass.

In fact, Adam “Hammerlord” Mitchell mastered the album and mixed the tracks himself and in a conversation we had he claimed he was going for a more full sound and deep sound than standard ’80s-’90s thrash production, which is basically more along tombsgone lines of death metal or latter day Kreator.

This LP opened my young eyes up to what would be later coined as “shock rock”.