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Since I already own a good Wacom Intuos 3, I tried to compare every little detail with it, so as to create a comparison with a well know tablet. For Mac users the feature relative to the inclination of the pen is not currently supported For applications where higher accuracy is required, Wacom is the counterpart to be more accurate. Let users send handwriting message easily. In fact the news that I want when I buy a product are the following: The quality of the review is excellent indeed: Two pens that differ among themselves by form.

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The tests were carried out using a 4: However, both boards have responded very well: I just found my first driver’s license from The fact of moving slowly accentuates all the possible inaccuracy of a tablet.

Provide a useful demonstration tool for education institutions, business and government organizations. I refer you yanvon the official websites for the comparison of specifications.

I ran all tests using the trial version of Photoshop CS5.

Professional standard, lightweight graphics tablet with cordless, battery-free pen technology, touch keys and powerful software. This can iiii a very tricky claim to verify, and difficult to determine as a user. Another downside is that, as reported in the manual, Mac users can not use the features related to the pen inclination.

Art Master III – Graphics Tablets – hanvon touch

Touch Ring User may zoom, scroll, rotate canvas in applications by using finger sensitive Touch Ring. Writing Test With this test I artmasher to see how the two tablets behave against a write-in block. I remember that Wacom has nibs that come in all shapes, capable of satisfying the cravings of the most huge fetish of the tablet ….


The default surface of the monitor tablet corresponds to a different surface of the tablet, with a consequent increase in precision in respect of hanvob tablet with greater surface area. This put me on quite a few doubts… but I had to explain everything little by little.

Incidentally I believe that this beautiful paperweights can be placed on the tablet and used as a mouse. Hanvoj can not customize the buttons on the tablet application to application those who use multiple applications might find it very convenient You can not expand the board with other types of pens In the package you dont find any papers… uh … I mean artkaster is no mouse actually, I do not considerthe last three points as real defects, but this depends on points of view.

Hanvon – Art Master III – Review

The ambidextrous Hanvon Art Master III Medium boasts cordless, battery-free pen technology which is lightweight and great without the unwanted hassles of wires for easier dexterity of use. I have not however found in the package any expensive paperweight.

WhiteBoard Users may handwrite, edit and draw on the monitor that is like a maker board or a simplified Electronic Whiteboard through a projector. Even here I have not seen noticeable differences compared to the use of the same features present in the Intuos III.

Specifications Professional standard, lightweight graphics tablet with cordless, battery-free pen technology, touch keys and powerful software. When you decide to sell it some hold a better value than others LOL. There are 8 different keys with programmable functions. In the figure below, even if the application shows Intuos 4 in the bar, there are the data extracted by the two tablets: Some considerations when handling the material are as follows: The Art Master falters slightly in the oblique lines.

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Hanvon – Art Master III – Review | nonacaso

Last week, the courier arrived with a packet of rather interesting size… the content, you already know, was the Hanvon tablet — Art Master III. The drivers that I have uploaded are the latest version 3. Analyzing in detail the designs there is no difference perceptible in the use of a tablet rather than the other. From the ergonomic point of view the Art Master is much better than the Intuos 3, going artmasher fact to use a layout in all respects similar to that of the brilliant Intuos 4.

If you are left handed you can move a panel, and the attack of the USB cable will always appear in the upper side of the tablet, fueling a LED that will allow you to read the written Hanvon always the right way. The pro of the Art Masters are as follows: Going to dig a little more it also unearths a dispute that there was one Wacom and Hanvon about patents where it seems to have it checked at the end was just Hanvon.

For the first time I was confused to chose between Intous and Art Master 3 but now I know what the pros and cons.