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And for an indefinite period, both bundles come with AmpliTube Metal as a bonus download. One parameter per control limit. No matter what I try, I cant get the drivers to take. You basically hear and feel each of the gears turn over as the pedal moves, and because the box itself is pretty resonant, it’s surprisingly distracting. There’s one limitation that’s common to both the ‘direct’ X-Gear control and MIDI mode, which is that you can only assign one parameter per control – so you can’t use the pedal to increase an AmpliTube’s amp gain while turning down the reverb level, for example. Mbenigni, yes my Stealth pedal works very smoothly heel to toe with no “ratchety” feeling at all. To use it with AmpliTube, you load up the X-Gear shell, select the Stealth Pedal as your audio interface and enable it as the control source via the front panel – patches that use a wah, volume or whammy pedal in the Stomps section are mapped automatically by default.

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It’s a lot of multimeedia old code running in the background. Detected in amplitube and everything. Elantric on March 13, Watch that volume knob! Windows wanted to have a look and help, and helpfully they said “failed”. It doesn’t go heel to toe smoothly, but instead has a subtle “ratcheting” feel to it. Plan D is in the works. NI Audio Kontrol bests it by about 10 ms.

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Authentic rocker pedal action. Apparently the thing is not compatible. March 13, What really put me off, right out of the box, is that the treadle feels sort of “bumpy” for lack of a better word, as if there is a bad potentiometer in there, or the gears are slightly misaligned or something.

They could jut make the drivers available like that without installer, but as far as I can tell they don’t. Frankly, that’s a bit lame. They seem more of an iPad accessory company then a serious music equipment manufacturer.

But drivers are always a crap shoot. And for an indefinite period, both bundles come with AmpliTube Metal as a bonus download. Our support team will be happy to help and can be reached at this link. Hi all, Wishing now ki I’d started this thread about a week ago. One parameter per control limit. If I can get around the toggle vs. March 14, How is the latency? As I said before, the only thing a available is an useless asio driver. Please login or register. Thanks for the help everyone!!! The pedal is very solid in build although the volume knob is positioned rather dangerously and offers enough resistance wtealth make for precise manipulation – it feels ‘right’.

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IK Multimedia Stealth Pedals – other owners/ opinions?

Comes with great AmpliTube software. I swear I went through all of this 2 years ago Plugged it in, went to device manager where it was up as Composite Stealht Devicetold it where the driver files now were, and BOOM, it installed fine, and went in the audio device section with the right name and all.

Switch and expression pedal inputs.

February 27, I’ve decided to just get a refund after all. I sometimes wonder why I torture myself by buying things You will still get an error, but this time, the files are there, and you CAN launch the program. No matter what I try, I cant get the drivers to take. So before I decide whether to send it back for a refund, or try try again with a replacement, or maybe just accept its flaws and pddal it, I need to know whether this is common to the design, or whether I got a defective unit.