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Running “service mpss restart” to restart mic device, vtune driver will be ready, but admin privilege is required. I have MPSS 3. Event Count – Hardware Events Window: But the drivers for EBS data collection require root privileges for install, a genuine Intel processor and a non-virtual OS. This problem occurs very occasionally.

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Project Navigator Context Menus: Problem accessing the sampling driver in MIC.

Bandwidth – Platform Power Analysis Window: Skipped Stack Frames Problem: Please see the insmod-sep3 options:. Perhaps you need a newer VTune Amplifier? Thanks for the detailed explanation.


If the drivers are already loaded, make sure you are a member of the vtune user group. Any help would be appreciated.

Summary – Locks and Waits Window: The driver may need to be re started. If you like to restrict access to user groups other than accesaing you can do that with -g option.

I have a problem similar to Surya’s. For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice. With a gap of that many releases, there’s a chance that the intervening changes may have already closed the bug that is hanging inttel collections, though of course there’s no guarantee of that.


My suggestion should have also worked, trading your source download and kernel rebuilt time for a fresh product download time, which should have produced an installation with a prebuilt coprocessor driver that should also have worked and has the added advantage that it’s using the latest release of VTune Amplifier, with whatever additional bug fixes and te releases that come with the new code.

VTune Amplifier doesn’t support it?

Error Message: Problem Accessing the Sampling Driver

Options – General Pane: I’m not sure any of this helps Surya, though. Platform Power Analysis Window: Skip to main content.

But the drivers for EBS data collection require root privileges for install, a genuine Intel processor and a non-virtual OS. Summary – Microarchitecture Exploration Window: Yes, updating VTune is definitely easier.

Problem accessing the sampling driver in MIC.

This problem occurs very occasionally. Problem accessing the sampling driver. What kind of modification should my admin make in my account to get rid of this issue?

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Please see the insmod-sep3 options: At times I kill both amplxe-cl and amplxe-runss process If I try my previous test program again I get the error and henceforth till the PC is rebooted my account has this issue. So after the admin restarts the PC intwl am able to run my test program. Summary – Hardware Events Window: You have to download the MPSS sources and find the file linux Share Tweet Share Send. Select sticky button color: As you can see from the output, the driver is accessible to the users in ‘vtune’ group and the device permissions are samplinv to Summary – Platform Power Analysis Window: If you are still getting the same error message then please check if the correct sampling driver is available for your tbe version.