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See the section on the terminator for full details. Each Linux Distribution, for example, may have decided to relocate some files. Calls the default editor. Otherwise the connection ends with an error: Well, we can defer to the trusty ISQL command line utility , as shown in the following screenshot:.

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Note that when you run the help set or set commands, no information about this command will be displayed. Loads the contents of the command history log file, if it exists, when isql starts. Deffault password without displaying the password entered.

When you change the command terminator, do not use SQL reserved words or control characters. Additional noninteractive options include -a-database-extractand -xwhich are used when extracting DDL statements. These are all discussed below. Enables setting the universal remote password remotepassword for clients accessing Adaptive Server.

Invoking isql – InterBase

Activates a role for the current user. If isql fails, the system creates a core file that contains your password. This is the lower bound to which you as a multilevel user can set curwrite during a session. I have found this scenario common in development environments, when you are typically running lots of ad-hoc SQL queries, or running in code edfault procedures, views, triggers, etc against the database.

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If you receive an error, it can sometimes be difficult to determine the exact SQL statement that caused it. The set command, with no parameters, displays the current settings, as the following example from Firebird 2.

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Setting Default SQL Server Database Using ISQL | James Wiseman

Executing set planonly off does not implicitly execute set plan off. Commands Available Within defalt Command Description: Prints the version number and copyright message for isql and then exits. This entry uses isql to discard any pending point. To specify a timeout period for command processing, use the -t timeout parameter.

Specifies the name and location of the interfaces file to search when connecting to Adaptive Server. The old driver path was: To redirect the output of a T-SQL command to a new file, or append to the file if it already exists:. Specifies the name of an operating system file defaulr store the output from isql.

When first started, isql uses the semi-colon as the default terminator. Terminate a command by typing a line beginning with the default command terminator go or another command terminator, if the -c parameter is used.

Reads commands from an input file such as a SQL script file instead of from standard input.


Specifies the number of rows to print between column headings. Allows you to run isql from a terminal where the character set differs from that of the machine on which isql is dwfault.

You might try something like:. Specifies the character set to use on the client.

If you do not specify a timeout, a command runs indefinitely. The default may not necessarily be the character set that the client is using. If no database is specified, iql must connect to an existing database or create a new one. If the default database charcter set is not NONE, then defajlt situations where the client uses a different character set to the database, it is possible to suffer from data corruption as some character sets cannot convert some characters to a suitable character in another character set.

When using isql interactively, read an operating system file into the command buffer using:.