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Log in or register to post comments. The Tag information on windows media player is correct and so is the detail in the properties for each individual file. Active Topics Unanswered Topics. Is the box “all Music” ticked so you can Syncronise music to your player? Is the external drive Jukebox visible when you go through “My Computer” if not then it may be the connection. I have bought the same item,.

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Any useful tips would be appreciated, since it’s a new player and I’m anxious itronicw get it started. Recent comments OK, Well an old topic but.

If you have time a step by step noddy guide would be appreciated. Ok Ok Take a deep breath!! Stick CD you want to copy into the CD drive. Is the box “all Music” ticked so you can Syncronise music to your player? The iMP can only cope with a single level of folders. Close Windows Media Player. Repeat this for each track. Active Topics Unanswered Topics. Click “copy this file”.


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If you want them all on your MP3, highlight them all. So I assume your using windows XP? Hey I’m having trouble even turning it on! I would suggest that either the lead or the player is faulty if your media player can’t find it.

Make sure that the folder you drop is a single otronics, not eg an ‘album’ folder inside an ‘Artist’ folder which is what WMP gives you. I don’t know what sort of.

At first the computer doesn’t recognise it, it kept comming up with ‘ device not connected ‘. I purchased this mp3 player.

Itronics 20gb jukebox

Select the folder you want with ‘Mode’, and Bob’s your uncle. Happy New Year to all members Double click this to open the list of individual tracks. On the left side, under “File and Plaeyr Tasks” click on “Make a new folder” An icon with a new folder appears with a blank tab for you to type in the name of it.

You’ll see the CD album that you’ve copied. I just bought a new. I have bought the same item, the software is quite basic but to give you some direction; I have Windows XP, my media player finds the Jukebox and will syncronise all files in my library ironics it.


I seem to have copied files onto it quite easily from the computer but when I unplug it from the computer it just flashes through colours and doesn’t show the menu. The Imp 1 GB mp3 player is. Could anyone please help.

I then run Syncronise with the “Jockey” software provided with the Jukebox. The Imp 1 GB tironics player is a load of fucking bollocks. Volume and input buttons acting up.

Inovix Itronics IMP11 2GB Flash MP3 Player | Product overview | What Hi-Fi?

Skip to main content. Yes Please can I get a copy. I called it “New Music Folder” but call it whatever you like.