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Another thing to keep an eye out for when it mysteriously stops working is that it tends to crash the WAP WAP54g in my case. Message 97 of 12, Views. Does anyone have a current link to the 1,4 utility all of the links I have found appear to be 1. Does anyone have the WMBg4G windows vista setup files? You can either execute these programs in the following order or build a batch file to do it automatically:. I have one of the wmb54g music bridges and it is working well for me using XP and Vista.

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Does anyone have any ideas how to make this work. Message 91 of 12, Views. On a RARE and lucky occasion after manually starting the cmflywav and other exe and then the utility I can get the bridge to show up and connect, but it still wmb54b play any audio.

And yes, Linksys and Sondigo and Realtek? Message 51 of 6, Views.

Thank you very much for your help. Message 56 of 6, Views. Yes, it works great. It works a little bit. Aparently, neither the uninstal nor the install works correctly under Windows 7. I have been looking wmb54v some help on getting the wmb54g to run with a windows 7 laptop.


Message 10 of 25, Views. Do you still have those? Do the same for cmas2ds.

Unfortunately, your instructions don’t seem to work aindows me. I followed your instructions exactly as you typed them, wrote the batch file exactly as you typed it, and saved it in the Startup folder.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled to software multible times, I spent hours on the phone with verizon They can see the bridge ,but nothing has worked.

wmb54g utility v1.4

We will attempt to upload this file, make it executable, then execute it using the following script on our attack machine:. I will now continue reading your blog to better myself.

But the person on support said that the latest version is 1. Did you read post 53 Ron? Oh, i also have the Utility software v1. After I go through the whole set-up the computer will see the bridge,But the minute you click to conect it disappears. Quite a painful configuration process. Message 8 of 25, Views.

Hacking the Linksys WMB54G

I have had this problem and I resolve it by restarting the drives in the correct sequence. Message 54 of 6, Views. Does anyone have the WMBg4G windows vista setup windowa

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Lunksys 57 of 6, Views. Or does someone have a zip file they’d like to share? Message 97 of 12, Views. You can either execute these programs in the following order or build a batch file to do it automatically:. I would be just as happy to get the music bridge running from a ubuntu laptop.

WMG54G Music Bridge & Windows 7 – Anyone got it to – Page 10 – Linksys Community

I’ve followed the adamskc details as well as those you post here, in detail, but it still does not work for me. So if that is the point where I can not get to, do you have any advice? I modified a batch file to work using some info I found on this site. The root shell wkb54g over a serial port on the circuit board, which requires physical access to the device.