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I worked for a week with an M-Box Digidesign. An error message appears: The Audiophile will not be updated for support with Windows 10 and has been discontinued for some time now. It is very convenient to be able to change at will, it can happen to me to increase the buffer up to when I use many virtual instruments and effects. This worked with my old Edirol midi driver which is now working fine with Win I’ve had this for a while and gigged with it! I use it mainly with Elektrik Piano live.

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Does anyone know of any alternative cables etc that would fit the bill? Since then, the card went smoothly on 2 or 3 new PC configurations without any problems and Cubase SX, but I’m not passed on Vista or 7. Hi, I’d download the appropriate driver from M-Audio’s site: He uses GarageBand, Cubasis and a couple of other apps for drums and guitar amp sims.

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

This card works very well, I mostly recorded bass and guitar via preamp. It will forever be working under deltta of Puppy Linux as 5.

You’ll need a phono pre-amplifier with RIAA equalisation, to begin with. Sign in with your GC account!

Audiophie24/ Windowsbit, driver.

I’ll leave it this way updates turned off as the Win7 Machine is behind a firewall and I want to transfer some tapes to disk before I spend more time on convincing Windows where I don’t want to go today. I have two cards – expensive hardware, that are in perfect condition, loved and owned for many adio. Overview Topics Products People Change log. Whats the point in buying products that self-destruct over time? I’ve had this for a while and gigged with it! It is well made, and will last, but whats the point?

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Our closest current equivalent is the M-Track series, which is fully supported on Windows With PCI, there is no latency, period. But she farted after 3 months: I bought the first version I think I remember it deltz printed Rev. Acknowledged In 244/96 Doesn’t need answer Answered.

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In device manager it shows nothing to me at sound cards, just my intergrated sound card but i deactivated it from BIOS After the instalation was done i restarted deta tried to install something, – Multimedia audio controller. The reason for the sync source being locked is because the 2/96 has a hook into the M-Audio driver and would be instructing it to sync to it’s clock, or other way around.

If notis there a replacement card in the m audio range which is as good, or better,that has got windows This has served me well in multiple machines but doesn’t fit in auudio new PC.

The sound is not as flattering as other brands I have tried, but it is not necessarily a fault. Today, I have laptops and a USB sound card, it’s still much more convenient, but my old system is connected and operational.


I mean I’ve done them here and there and just had bad results but I’ve heard good results as well. Thanks for the tip. If your DAW program won’t let you change the M-Audio control panel settings, try looking for an option in the DAW felta that looks along the lines of “release ASIO driver when not in use” or “release driver when in background” or “deactivate audio driver when not focussed”.

Win 7 does recognize the card and is set up as my main audio device. I highly recommend this card for all types of use, for beginners as well as experts in all situations. So what must be done adio uninstall the old drivers before installing the new drivers just to be safe.

I purchased this card because it was affordable and it and it allowed me to connect both my Midi controller before usb midi controllers were popular as well as my turn table. I’ve avoided Win8 and my experience with W10 on another computer is not encouraging.

After installing all windows update, the driver was kicked out by the system.

I was looking for a good sound card cheap, powerful enough for the small home studio and has the midi interface.