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In all other cases you should be fine with the MAX Now add another 40mA for the arduino itself and you’ll end up with mA. I don’t know why the MAX works – but it does! But this code doesn’t work with Wiring Board! Did someone do that?

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Since DC forward current is a maximum value, which is not be exceeded, you should settle for a slightly lower current. After about 55 minutes all the Leds went off. Board Setup and Configuration. There is no strict limit as to how many drivers can be cascaded that way.

Driving an 8×8 (64) LED Matrix with MAX7219 (or MAX7221) and Arduino Uno

The following diagram shows how a common cathode RG matrix is wired. The wrappers simply turn off the ISR before the call, and turn it back on after the call. So if you only have MAX ‘s it’s worth trying them. If you look at the matrix schematic again that would resembles one of the rows. It will be a lot of detailed work. I mean, if I want to do that: It could be nice to create a library to manage that.


There is a cyclically power on and down explains here: The drivers switches between the rows of the matrix very fast about times a second.

There is not enough headroom for adding third matrix in this case.

The address of each MAX is it’s color. These are 16 bit and 8 amx7221 SPI interface port expanders. For more info pleae look at this Forum Post. Now add another 40mA for the arduino itself and you’ll end up with mA.

Personally, I believe that if your after RGB you are better off using another technique – such as the shift register – as they are proven to work. There is an in-depth discussion on this later. It is important to this technique that the ISR can be quickly disabled. Full schematic print resolution.

You could make up table to cross reference the digit pins with segment pins but there ryb be no pattern to it.

A detailed schematic showing all the components mx7221 simply too large for the computer screen. EMI could lead to some jitter in the readings from the analog inputs of the Arduino or if the Led mqx7221 is placed near some audio circuit it can introduce audible noise to the signal.


Arduino Playground – MAX72XXHardware

You can use the two remaining ‘segment’ pins to control two individual LEDs per digit. You will also need a clock signal and you will need to load the serial data in.

If your code never drives more than let’s say 4 of the Leds in any of the rows, you will consequently have to supply only half the current. Rg brightness of the Leds with different colors will not really match, so it’s a trial and error thing finding the right Leds.

Mad7221 is a crappy code but. The resistor RSet is responsible for setting an upper limit on the current that is fed into the Leds.

Hello, I post this new thread in order to clarify some questions.

I guess it could work. Note that even while the MAX is in shutdown, it is still accepting commands. It is developed by a small team of volunteers.