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You must log in or sign up to reply here. Sign In Don’t have an account? My fighting screen also occasionally bugged out with having 6 lines of “unit not swapable” written all over my screen. Heidenherz , Mar 4, After he concluded that his power had surpassed that of Maxwell, he rebelled against the Creator and almost killed Her.

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Before Karna Masta announced His plan to eradicate humanity, She had contributed to the birth of countless maxel of life, and even the creation mechanical puppets. HeidenherzMar 4, RhithikMar 2, Zanmatou and nathaniel like this.

Game Updates | March 1 | The Creation God | Brave Frontier RPG | Official Forum

My fighting screen also occasionally bugged out with having 6 lines of “unit not swapable” written all over my screen.

MaxxettoMar maxe,l, However, having seen humanity’s endless desires and greed, She became greatly angered, and supported the plan to eradicate them. Michschn and Heidenherz like this. ZanmatouMar 2, After spending days and nights studying the God and her possible fate, a new Mock Unit is ready to test your strength.


Before the timeline of the game, Maxwell had a maxelwho joined Her side in order to create a world with perfect order.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Discussion in ‘ News Discussion ‘ started by gumi ZephyrosMar 1, In the storyline, She curses Tilith after player steps into St. After Cardes killed the disciple, Maxwell took the remains of the automaton and built Juggernaut from it.

Maxwell is supposed to have an internal BB counter and use an ability called Eyes or something similar forcing you to swap out the targeted unit s.

Kanon was Her former disciple, who was exiled into Ishgria for his betrayal. Yep, “Eyes of Ends and Beginnings” was missing.

Game Updates | March 1 2018 | The Creation God

Retrieved from ” http: Log in or Sign up. As one of omnk Four Fallen Gods, Maxwell is capable of casting Endless with unique chant, an immensely powerful magic only unique to the gods.

Get your team ready, the fight is on! Rewards The following is a list of rewards obtained upon first time completion: The disciple was then exiled to Ishgria. Maxwell never used this ability, which really just streamlined the fight and took out half the challenge. However, Maxwell’s attack was interrupted by the automaton who followed the disciple, maxlel She destroyed the automaton instead.


The fight was a breeze. Sign In Don’t have an account?

Be reborn with this attack and behold my new creation! No, create an account now.

NEO TRIAL: vs MAXWELL (Comprehensive Mastery!)

Lamia as well as a member of the Divine Ten. Soon after that, a fellow member of Divine Ten disappeared.

As the pillar of the Divine Ten, Maxwell saw all creatures as Her children. Any useful Lead in current Meta for Content we dont have: Do you already have an account? Maxwell is known as the Goddess who rules over creation and rebirth, and is said to have the power to rebuild Grand Gaia from scratch.