Tokoh Paling Berpengaruh Dalam Sejarah – Kindle edition by Michael H. Hart. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. The merupakan buku karya Michael H. Hart yang diterbitkan pada tahun adalah orang yang paling berpengaruh di antara milyaran penduduk dunia. Michael H. Hart dalam bukunya “ orang paling berpengaruh di dunia” menempatkan Muhammad shallallahu ‘alaihi wassalam di posisi pertama.

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Gandhi was mentioned in the first ten interesting berpengaruu. Reason for no place for him in the was given in the book as follows: Even as I congratulate Mr hart on the excellent biographical work, the exclusion of Nikola Tesla is an egregious oversight, especially since both Edison and Marconi whom Tesla surpassed are on this list.

100 Tokoh Paling Berpengaruh dalam Sejarah

I am quite dismayed by this – please look into it. I congrats Michael hart on this individual Superb idea, for the sake of commenting not arguing: Scientist don’t deserve much place on this list Since if Marconi had’t invented phone, Surely someone else would have soon. Same with Newton and others “Lucky Humans”. This fact is ignored by Mr.

Time magazine has been recognizing the most influential people in palint world today. Here are the 16 most influential: I was interested to know who was included in theso thank you for posting this here.

Great list and very good. I agree that not including Nikola Tesla is berpengaryh mistake. Cok berpengarhh ve tarafli bir secim olmus. Imagine a city berpengafuh every home had on it’s front lawn a piece of sculpture or an art installation.

Imagine a city where each and every business invited artists to exhibit their work to the company’s patrons. Imagine a city where instead of gifting clothing, electronics, chocolate, or cash, a work of art was given, and appreciated. Imagine a city where each and every home housed and preserved an art collection. Where insecurities over self-interests were dispensed with, and collections reflected those dunja tastes.

Imagine a city where glass, pottery, painting, photography. Where the artists themselves were looked upon as a treasured resource. No matter their perspective. Imagine a city where any construction project involved multiple artists, in its’ execution. Imagine a city which preserved its’ creative heritage and embraced it.

Imagine a city which understood, that capturing a slice of life had merit.

(buku) – Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu, ensiklopedia bebas

But to alter a communities perspective to embrace all thought and belief, strengthened it, not weakened it. Imagine a city which led the World in cultural munificence which would then reap the reward of becoming a global mecca. Imagine a city which could step outside of what others were doing could walk the path of its’ own making. Imagine a city where meetings to enact such change, needn’t take place. Rather a spontaneous change came from its’ citizenry itself.


Imagine a city which artists flocked to; enabling them to create without fear of censorship or derision. Imagine a city not dependent upon their museums or art schools for their lead in any discussions of artistic merit, but rather the career artists themselves. I have imagined this city since childhood, as have most of my colleagues. Instead we’ve swum through muck, hoping such change would miraculously happen without distracting us from our labors.

Or moved to the closest metropolis which appeared poised to take the plunge.

Cleveland, like most cities, while not a fi canvas; is one, where the image it sports has faded beyond restoration. The time to paint over it has come. Shiny new unaesthetic buildings, are simply masking the rot.

Marc Breed, Fine Artist “In the distant future, when America is a mere shadow of itself, who historically, shall be remembered?

In sports, an argument can be made for Ruth, Chamberlain, Gretzky, Ali, et al. In Art, there is but one name, Breed. Happy to see that mohammed s. Berpengarkh for sharing all these pictures, All the pictures are precious for us.

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H Name Mohammed mansioned his clearly And perfectly. But there is not any Sultan of Ottoman Empire in thr list. Espcially, Sultan Sulemian the first and Mehmed the Conqueror. Allah not fall mohammed saw pbuh besides anyone Yheir coming to islam God bless you,without knowing islam you just took from history and prove Muhammad saw in the first place he is a last messagener of god how could god will leave him fall behind others he is a last and final weapon of god against evil.

Awesome list this is Michael Hart, Well done Mr. And the book ” THE ” is amazing book. I am so happy to see that Hz. Muhammad is the top place in your list Mr.

But, I’m suprise also U R r8 ‘Mr. Hart realized that it will not start without Hz. Come on Jesus Christ should be number 1, he is the most well know person of all time and the central figure of greatest religion of world. Definitely human will never be satisfied. I appreciate de work done by Dr Hart. I just got to know this list today through a Muslim brother. I really feel happy to see Muhammad P. H on top of the list. I think Propht Mosa A.

S and Issa A. S should come after because tought us lesson of Allah and every thing comes after Allah’message. Good work Mr Hart. Hi, Mr Hart First of all my hearty congrats to you happy to see my beloved Prophet sallalahu alaihi wasallam in the first place, next is Hazrath Isa Alaihis salaam next is Hazrath Moosa alaihissalaam and last but not the Least Hazrath Umar radiallahu thaala anhu in the List.


Awsomeeeeeee and Midblowing superb yaar. Thank,s to Micheal hart to write this book and we are very happy to se ” The Muhammad P. Regards Muhammad Imtiaz Khan. I agree by michel h hart its a good person because 1st number is a great person and I know great person is a only mohmmed lv u Mohammed sahab.

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THE The , Michael H Hart

These strategies have also helped Tom and his private publishing clients create more than sixty-seven 1 Amazon dk books and counting. If you’re going to write, publish or promote a book this year, you need to see this: Dr hart has done a great job Michael Hart indicated that the list is not compiled using how fi they were, rather, it took into account the influence they’d on society over the years. Nelson Mandela, kwame Nkrumah fought for the freedom of their people, yes, but what happened next?

Hart Islam started by him but few one says that mulsims are the terrorist Yaa I also agree!

After all he is also a man who made this list but what is in God list who knows. This book is not a scientific book!!! This book is written with goal of misleading and cheating the world. A close scientific look to the Islam teaches us that this relegion is been created through JEWS to make profit out of the idioty of Moslems.

Mohammad was a JEW! He never accepted Islam! Mohammad was Pedophil, mankiller and all Arabs and nonarabs behind this sunia relegion deied very rich!!!!! Theis wealth was made out of Khoms and Zakat or income through theft and crime like Iranian Mullahs today!

Mullahs killed in 40 years 1,5 Mio. Iranians through wars and direct hanging and other methods. berpengarjh