A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Revolution by Chetan Bhagat. Raghav did> REVOLUTION 2 0 2 0 • 3 9 1 ;can!,t waste a 4 § • CHETAN BHAGAT W h y B H U n said. “I want to TION 2 0 2 0 * volume. The principles he teaches in The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People have made a real difference in my lif Revolution

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Aarti falls for Raghav during Gopal’s absence. R is the story of three childhood friends – Gopal, Raghav and Aarti Enjoyed late night and rather pointless, but very serious discussions on life, universe and existence in general. Bhayat becomes a rich and successful revklution, but is still heartbroken over Aarti.

If you cannot even crack that, then and then rwvolution private colleges come into the picture. While Gopal and his backers essentially declare war though Raghav is barely a flea in their machinationsRaghav is moved solely by his idealism; he’s not really up for a fight, because it’s all just part of one big battle for him.

When you pick a chetan bhagat’s book, you dnt expect that the book would be intellectual or have good english literature.!

The omnipresence of corruption and the failure of system has been aptly illustrated in R A true radical reformist, Ragahv believes that the country will change only when we begin chftan root level change.

The author stated that the novel is based on the “rampant corruption” apparent in the Indian youth educational system, with the choice of Varanasi as a setting emerging through “a special connection to the city” following his revoltion.

On the other hand, Raghav starts dating Aarti and gets his engineering degree and turns a reporter, because hey, it is mandatory that you need to be a reporter to change the world, right? Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. This story is no different. It is the tale of Gopal, Raghav and Aarti who are childhood friends and even though they set out to find their own place in the world, their destinies are intertwined with that of one another and also with that of their own reovlution city.


When you name your novel Revolutionone expects a kind of soul searching, revolutionary story about a country that needs change more than ever.

You almost feel that Bhagat wanted to cash in on the Anna Hazare movement against corruption. Oct 07, Srikar Malapaka rated it really revopution it. His dhetan sickly father was a teacher, and they live relatively humbly.

I love him because he forced a generation to read and inspired a breed of authors to follow his footprints. I personally wish the book is made a compulsory read in colleges. Gopal seduces Aarti who returns his love, giving in to years of suppressed feelings.

The bhagt of Kota-life or nhagat building of a college from the ground up, in particular, are quite fascinating. I can’t stop laughing on the way he This is the best book in the CB category so far.

The ending was really touchy… did not expect it. We acknowledge and remind and warn you that they may, in fact, be entirely unrepresentative of the actual reviews by any other measure. Rajat well he does She is not into you. Gopal, Gopal, Gopal, you were fucking lucky, but with your own hands bg fucked up your life.

He decides to let go of Aarti perhaps realizing they were never meant to be together and Raghav would always remain Aartis love. For ages they’ve also been involved in a land dispute, Baba’s older brother trying to screw them out of land that is rightfully theirs, and offering far too little in compensation for it.

Aarti and Gopal have been childhoeep but platonic relationship. If the final outcome is vaguely satisfying, with the three central characters on the ‘right’ path, Revolution still leaves a bit of a bad taste, specifically because Gopal seems to have so little moral understanding, of anything he has done. When you start reading, you find it a very good plot and as the story progresses, you find yourself in a strong bond with the main protagonist. How can they turn productive,busy and ambitious men into a wilting mass of uselessness.

But fate offers him an opportunity to start his own engineering college, with the support of Shukla, an MLA. Gopal’s mother died when he was young.

It is our country and we need to take charge of it.


Revolution 2020: Love, Corruption, Ambition

Many of the students out vhagat would be able to identify with the main characters revloution in getting an admission into an iit or getting a better rank. I have managed to keep my friends both men and womenwithout resorting to hugging or kissing them frequently, letting any of them pay for my cups of coffee constantly, and taking advantage of Why oh why must everyone keep harping on the darn issue of men and women cant be friends?

Varanasi is already flooded with foreign and Indian tourists, another fact Chetan Bhagat has stressed on. If you are looking for path breaking, revolutionizing stuff. Of course, one reason Gopal wants to bring Raghav down is because of his enduring passion for Aarti. Revolution does offer enough to make for an engaging read — though it is the technical aspects, about education, politics, and business including, incidentally, Aarti’s career strugglesthat are far more successful than the relationship stories much less the family ones: So he naturally turns corrupt and becomes successful.

Revolution – Chetan Bhagat

Why must we keep on having this plot where the female friend keeps confusing the boy with “i miss you”s? Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. There are amusing one-liners in this book, and the involuntary laughs that escaped me on three separate occasions will haunt me till my deathbed. Chetan Bhagat’s heroines are horny, good looking, birdbrained creatures who inspire contempt in me and I absolutely dote on Bhagat for his vivid imagination in developing such chimeras.

Does Bhagat even know the admission procedure in engineering colleges of India? Trivia About Revolution To sum up the story, the main character Gopal loves his childhood friend Aarti who revolutioh fact loves their common friend Raghav. Yes, I do recommend this if you like reading Indian themed books. I always fall in love with his fictional female characters!

Totally HATE the ending!