Your selection of a Honda Odyssey was a wise investment. It will give Afterwards, keep this owner’s manual in your vehicle so you can refer to it at any . Honda Odyssey – Owner’s Manual ( pages). Posted on 25 Oct, by Uscmafia. Model: Honda Odyssey. File size: MB. Below you will find free PDF files for select years of your Honda Odyssey automobile. Honda Honda Odyssey Owners Manuals ยท Honda .

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Press it again to skip to the beginning of the previous track or chapter. Severe or sharp steering wheel movement can still cause your vehicle to veer into oncoming traffic or off the road. Also, apply a vehicle body wax to the painted surfaces that mate with the door and tailgate seals. Page Odyssey Driving on a significantly under- inflated tire causes the tire to overheat and can lead to tire failure. Malfunction Indicator Lamp It can take several days of manul under various conditions to set the codes again.

When Can A Larger Child Sit In Front To safely ride in front, a child must be able to follow the rules, including sitting properly, and wearing the seat belt properly throughout a ride.

Protecting Adults And Teens Your vehicle has a door and tailgate open indicator on the instrument panel to indicate when any door or the tailgate is not tightly closed.

The remaining doors and the tailgate unlock when you turn the key a second time within a few seconds. Check your warranty booklet for more information. Accessories Your dealer has Honda accessories that allow you to personalize your vehicle.

Watch the engine coolant temperature gauge see page. When you hear a channel you want to continue listening to, press the button again.


It goes off when your vehicle uses extra fuel.

Taller odydsey should adjust their restraint as high as possible. Do not exceed this weight limit, or you may damage the floor storage area. Indicator Works It does there is a problem not mean with the airbag.

Honda 2008 Odyssey Owner’s Manual

Warranty and Customer Relations U. If a bright light such as sunlight is shining on the inside mirror, the image may be difficult to see.

It will then play the disc just loaded. Your phone retailer should also be able to confirm that your phone is Bluetooth compatible. If you pull the door handle again, the door will open fully. It odyssfy take several days of driving maual various conditions to set the codes again. Glad to have them.

Honda Odyssey Owners Manual | eBay

Page Always close the window fully before opening the sliding door. Wash your hands after handling. The individual map lights in the second and third rows cannot be turned on. Airbag Service Do not try to remove or replace any airbag by yourself.

Honda Odyssey – Owner’s Manual – PDF ( Pages)

You have to turn the defogger on again when you restart the vehicle. Page Pivot the seat forward all the way.

Airbags see page for more information on how your side airbags work. Inside the transmitter, separate the inner cover from the keypad by releasing the two tabs on the cover. When it plays a station that you want to listen to, press the SCAN button again. Also be sure you use only TPMS specific wheels. Guaranteed 3 day delivery. Page Here are some examples: The scale represents the range of combined fuel economy for other vehicles in the class.


Oil, perspiration, or a scratch on the glass can cause the bulb to overheat and shatter. Your dealer is dedicated to your satisfaction and will be pleased to answer. It also alarms if the radio is removed from the dashboard or the wiring is cut.

On Touring models For information about the multi- information display, see page Odyssey Odometer The 20088 shows the total distance your vehicle has been driven. Replacement or repair of tires must be performed by a Honda dealer or an authorized Michelin PAX system dealer.

When you turn the ignition switch to the ON II position, what you last selected is displayed. Anti-lock Brakes abs ABS activates. Page Turn on the headlights to test the new bulb. To scroll to another message, press the Hondda button.

Honda Odyssey Owner’s Manuals

See pages for how to adjust the front seats. When the vehicle is swayed in a strong wind.

A low power steering fluid level can indicate a leak in the system. Vehicle Storage Also, apply a vehicle body wax to the painted surfaces that mate with the door and tailgate seals.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. To purchase printed manuals, you can order online or contact:. Press the RDM button again to turn it off. Additional Safety Precautions This could make the dealer. The rear system automatically Driver 1, Driver 2repeat this procedure.