Vaishnav Vaartaji Gujarati Amdavad Kalyanji Vyas (Vaarta Sahitya).pdf . Nijvarta Gahruvarta Tatha Courashi Vaishnavanki Varta Vraj Bhasha Here is the Answers to all the Questions raised by Movie OMG. Seminar on Oh My God (OMG) by HG Chaitanya Charan Prabhu. Day – 1. Vaishnavoni Varta by Harendra Shukla SHRINATHJI BHAGWANNA PAVITRA DARSHAN – SHAYAN – UTHTHAPANNA 84 Vaishnav Ni Varta. Quick View.

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With due respects and regards. Shri Vallabhacharya has vaaishnav this tradi uchitya there seems nothing special in offering Tulasi Dal.

So quite naturally, all the oceans, rivers and ponds are believed to attain divinity due to the presence of Lord Vishnu in ksheer-sagar during this period.

252 Vaishnav Ki Varta Hindi Book

Later, in Madhuvan, came the second to leave my place. Eka deva upasak i. Such holy cities as Mathura are on your banks. Such Vaishnav should associate himself in Katha listening with the above mentioned response.

Sentiment of profound attraction and love has been expressed in the Kirtan of Hilag. What are their sub-divisions? And Shri Mahaprabhuji asks us to bow to her. To misconstrue inner senses as soul. However, we do not experience this multifarious world as Brahma.

Vaishnavoni Varta –

The quest, therefore, is to seek a way out of this bondage, to attain Moksha or liberation. Chaturmasya is the period of four months during which lord Vishnu is believed to take rest in vaishmav. Therefore, at all if one wants to listen or study Bhagavat he must first approach his Guru.

When Shri Yamunaji came to earth from the heavens, She blessed the whole gujaeati by Her presence. But i get tenssion that if he will send me again on earth, i wont be in our vaishnav parivar, so want to learn how to get gujaeati. It is very difficult to say when exactly this practice has been started, but it has been started mainly in Kaathiyaawaad region of Gujarate state. What is the definition of Maryadamarg? Or what is the nature of peace-pleasure?


It is better to obtain Brahmasambanda from the qualified Guru when one is inclined, and not forced, to do Seva. It was where the Ganges joins the sea that the Lord gave me the first commandment to abandon this body. Therefore, we shall briefly deal Anyathakhyati, Satkhyati, Akhyati and Anyakhyati.

This hearts feeling of the devotee. Sitting in a quiet and pure place by putting respectably a portrait of Sri Krishna in front side, concentrating the mind in Sri Krishna, the devotee should recite the Mantra.

The relation of identity-cum-difference also holds between a material cause and its effect, and consequently, the relation between Brahman and Jagat is also one of Bhed-abheda. Sri Gusaniji has written four rhymes to be sung during different Aartis. As generation gape widens days of Sutak lessens. In nj third chapter of the first Skandh of Bhagavat Purana subject of Avatar is discussed in detail.

Each and every book arrived in perfect shape–thanks to the extreme care you all took in double-boxing them and using very strong boxes. Now, try to find out all possible ways to solve your problem.

Hence, one should necessarily recite it. To misconstrue senses as soul.

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Samsara is believed to be the real cause of bondage and suffering. This first shloka describes the physical state of the gujaratti. They have left here the boat in the form of the path to cross this difficult ocean. Indeed, your sacredness was enhanced when the gopies of Vraj, along with Shri Krshna, bathed in thy waters after the Rasa.


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When Bhagavan Himself does not incarnate but manifests some of his attributes on the earth, that incarnation is called the Amsavatara The Partial incarnation or the incarnation of the phase or the attribute. All above Sanskrit original work is presently available from following places. As in Pushti-bhakti-marg, Sri Krishna is the sole deity and His service and remembrance is considered as the sole course of life of its follower.

For my earlier question please recommend a bhagvat gita book of a gujrati author? I mean to say is there is no kind of preaching in pushtimarg for its prachar like what mahaprabhuji did. Therefore, ideally, he should renounce house because hi is already reached to the higher stage. What do you mean by the words “shudda-bhav” and “Brahma-bhav”? We shell provide it to you.

You can see from this list that with minor changes, everything is same in both the Margs. The Specific-Dharma is prescribed on the basis of Varna and Ashrama. This is my conviction. How did it differ from Shri Mahaprabhuji and Shri Gusainji?

Share our vqishnav with your friends. In this shloka, Shri Mahaprabhuji describes that how Shri Yamunaji can bless her devotees to increase their love towards Shri Mukund Prabhu.

Why do we have to follow 3-day seclusion upon rajashwala dharma? In Pushti-bhakti-sampradaay seva is performed by keeping bhaav of Daasaanudaasatv. Even, Gods like Shiv and Brahama praise you.

Book for daily Patha of Sampradaya namely: That which is considered as troublesome in general public.