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Determine the information necessary to complete the shipping documentation enlisting the help of the ACA. Pack and prepare the shipment for movement, applying any required markings, labels, or RFID tags.

When automated label printers run out of label paper or shippers are untrained in completing the automated form. Store the cargo out of the way until you receive the manifests and process other shipments instead. Must not be loaded, transported, or stored together unless separated by at least 88 inches in all directions. Survey Maker Flashcards See All. CDC 2t Volume 2. Please take the quiz to rate it.

During the Quiz End of Quiz. Title of New Duplicated Quiz:. A copy of this quiz is in your dashboard. Go to My Dashboard. Removing question excerpt is a premium feature. A shipper is responsible for Planning, assembling, consolidating, and documenting a shipment and arranging for its movement. Challenging shipments that do not meet applicable airlift requirements. Provide dcc to the APOE that a shipment is inbound and requires further transfer.

The shipper’s second step and responsibility in the shipping process is to. Who is responsible for cd a shipment is complete and removing any RFID tags? When you have scanned the bar-coded label and determined it is not in the DTS.

You are in a deployed location and do not know how to query the location. You can readily identify a unit move TCN because a zero is in what position?

Which position of the TCN identifies a partial shipment? The three-position date shipped code is comprised of the. You use the TACs to.

CDC 2T Volume 1 – ProProfs Quiz

Link movement authority, funding approval, and accounting data for shipments. Indicate the number of days a shipment will be in transit from the consignor to the APOE.

When receiving a shipment into the air terminal, you do not have to inspect for. On the automated versions 22t51 the DD Formwhich three areas must have a bar code? You may use the manual version of the DD Form For contingency operations or where manual entry is the only way to document shipments.

When a shipment with a discrepancy is delivered to your air terminal, you cfc refuse it. You must 2t215 a discrepancy with a shipment received at your terminal. When the SET is equal for two or more shipments, you determine xdc shipments are processed first by using the. At manual stations or when a manual manifest is used, the ATOC personnel will write which information on the inbound 2t51 they deliver to the cargo processing function?

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GMT and Julian date of cdd aircraft block time in the top left-hand corner. SET and Julian date of the aircraft block time in the top left hand corner. GMT and Julian date of the aircraft block time in the top right-hand corner. SET and Julian date of the aircraft block time in the top right hand corner. When aircraft arrive without cargo manifests and ATOC personnel attempt to acquire them, you must. Wait until you receive the manifests to start processing all the cargo.

Prepare a substitute manifest and start processing anything that requires immediate action. If after six hours, ATOC personnel are unable to acquire the manifests for an aircraft, you must. Break each pallet down and take the appropriate information from the shipping labels. Store the pallets out of the way until the originating station can reproduce the manifests. Process all TP— 1 and 2 cargo, but leave TP—3 cddc —4 cargo until you receive the manifests.

A short shipment is a shipment that. Arrived at the air terminal but removed due to suspicion of pilferage. An over shipment is a shipment that. Who is responsible for initiating an immediate investigation to determine if pilferage has occurred for a shipment?

Which cargo may be turned over to the owning unit without an authorization letter? You must obtain a signature from everyone who picks up terminating cargo, except. How many pounds can each ring 2t51 a L pallet restrain?

CDC 2t251 Volume 3

You are loading an aircraft and must winch a heavy pallet into position. As a minimum, how many attaching points will you use to safely winch 2t51 pallet on the aircraft? Which one of the following is considered acceptable? A cargo user has returned 60 empty L pallets to your unit, which you will be shipping to another location via air. How many of these pallets maximum can you ship in one stack, provided adequate dunnage is appropriately placed, and excluding the base support 2t2251 You are building a multi-pallet train using 2t521 couplers.

Which aircraft can this train be loaded on, assuming it is properly configured? While sorting through net sets, you discover several unserviceable RFID tags still attached to the nets.

What must you do with these unserviceable tags? You are building a pallet destined for T2251 AB, Italy and only have space for one more piece of cargo on the pallet. All of the available pieces have the same destination and transportation priority. Which other two factors will you use to consider which piece to build? You must break down an originating pallet and individually weigh each piece of cargo if there is a difference of how many pounds between the documented and actual weight?


When using nets to secure multi-pallet trains, what is the maximum load on two and three pallet trains measuring 96 inches or less? The clear text GMT and Cdv date of the oldest piece on the pallet. Which two manual forms must both be placed on a completed L pallet after it is built?

Which hazardous materials class consists of explosive materials? Which hazardous materials class consists of infectious and toxic materials? What form do shippers use to certify their hazardous materials shipments?

Which form do inspectors use to inspect and frustrate hazardous materials shipments? Have no restrictions for being loaded, transported, or stored together. Have no restrictions for being loaded, transported or stored together. How must hazardous materials placards be displayed at aircraft? When a load contains 2f251 2. Where on the aircraft should hazardous materials be 2tt251 Which form must shippers complete for security or classified shipments?

CDC 2t251 Volume 2

If a shipment is hazardous and requires security, which form s must shippers complete? When using manual procedures, you will transfer custody of a shipment requiring security precautions by using the.

What is the maximum number of HR transfer cases that can be safely transported on one L pallet if absolutely necessary? You received a vaccine shipment that can be removed from refrigeration for short periods of time. Which form must be on the shipment to identify this requirement? You have received three blood shipments that require refrigeration and re-icing before they are airlifted. On which form would you document the re-icing and refrigeration? When receiving registered mail, the two pieces of information you must check against the manifest are the.

At a minimum, seal consolidated registered mail containers with. Special handling, freight, ramp services, ATOC, security cage, and load planning.

Special handling, freight, ramp services, passenger service, ATOC, and load planning. If using a pry bar to assist with loading, how much can you load on the pry bar? You have received an extremely heavy piece of cargo resting only on two skids. You are loading a heavy piece of cargo on an aircraft between the treadways. Which type of shoring will allow you to place it on supporting beams that span to the treadways?

As a load team member, you are responsible for matching which information on the pallet and load plan? Which types of loading aids are used to pull cargo slowly into the aircraft? You are within 10 feet of an aircraft.

In which zone are you? When is the exemption for this is when.