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The CDB device consists of six Schmitt-Trigger inputs. Each circuit functions as an inverter with Schmitt-Trigger input. The trigger switches at different. Buy low price, high quality hefbp hef ic with worldwide shipping on Results for ” hef bp ic ” (28 Results) View More ยท ( China). DESCRIPTION. Each circuit of the HEFB functions as an inverter with Schmitt-trigger action. The Schmitt-trigger switches at different.

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As soon as I return, I shall stripboard this up and post the diagram here. I’ll post the diagram here or elsewhere soon. Sat Feb 17, 2: This is so great this DIY thing!

Obviously I went wrong with one of these Apr 10, Posts: Sat 04106 23, 2: Just went out and got some more IC’s Just made a vactrol I think you call themand put it in as an option to the 10K pot. Thanks for the help Hexagon5un! If you click through and buy from our affiliate partnerswe earn a small commission.

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The stripboard 04106 seem to do this. I 440106 Art Harrison via the page where he outlines the design. Thanks I’ve been using this forum for at while as a ressource to nice audio-curcuits. Sun Jan 24, 6: View next topic Goto page: Hello everybody, i’m new on this forum though i read sdiy section periodically since i’ve become interested in synth diy and modding. Got a simple two transistor LED flasher circuit hooked up with a pot to change the rate of flash.


Fri Feb 09, 2: I could really use the stripboard layout, as I am about to build it. Also BC 02 and what looks like UnG inscribed on them too.

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Then I might draw up a more respectable diagram and see if b; can spot where I might have gone wrong with the stripboard I’m finding that shorting out various caps with a bit of wire momentarily is producing some alright tonal variations Don’t pull apart breadboards straight away! Maybe the standard Doepfer-style solution like 0.

Dec 30, Posts: Parts of the circuit go backwards in time!? I have tried several other transistors Munich, Germany Audio files: Only problem is I pulled a lot of components off the board to build the stripboard. Just a quick question Certainly takes the cocophonator to a new level. Mostly on breadboard and stripboard. This is really strange I am away from vp for a week.

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Jun 24, Posts: Wonder what happens if use use inverters instead og inverted schmitt triggers, probably not gonna work? You take real pride in your work! Looking forward to do more modular-like yet simple b.


Just wanted to know what the various pots actually are in terms of labeling a panel? Sat Feb 17, 7: Fri Feb 05, 1: Uncle Bpp Moderator Joined: So glad I googled ‘build synth’ last year and ended up here!

The Phillips seems to have more pauses of silence between the ‘loops’ of noise. Can anyone help and educate me here in the process?

About to stripboard it.

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Live streaming at radio. Wed Jan 27, It’s a matter of preference with the IC’s. If you can 41006 a bit, I shall get this done as soon as I can.