British historian Clive Ponting did a fantastic amount of research, and . Ponting, Clive, A New Green History of the World: The Environment. Like Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs and Steel, Clive Ponting’s book studies the relationship between the environment and human history. A Green History of the World. The Environment and the Collapse of Great Civilizations. by Clive Ponting. pages, paperback, Penguin, A Green History.

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Great overview of human history on earth from the perspective of resources and resource exhaustion. With the calm and objective voice of a venerable professor, Ponting lifts readers far above the intense roaring madness that we consider normal.

Trivia About A Green History o Our best health care in the world, in Ponting’s view, is mostly following, not altogether successfully, in the footsteps of basic sanitation–i. Like the Green Revolution disaster, GMO crops require big inputs of fertilizers, pesticides, wprld irrigation — large fields, expensive seeds, rich farmers, big machines, and lots of petrol.

Sprawling cities gobbled up nearby farms, increasing the distance between the inner city and their source of food.

A Green History of the World: The Environment & the Collapse of Great Civilizations

It examines world civilizations from Sumeria to ancient Egypt, from Easter Island to the Roman Empire and it argues that human beings have repeatedly built societies that have grown Is history repeating itself?

But our reptilian brains have only evolved so greeh.

Ponting implies that it was an irreversible transition as the environment became too damaged to support large populations as hunters wotld gatherers. His statistics are bountiful and his reasoning is lucid. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. In at Prestbury in Cheshire 5, moles were destroyed, at Northill in Bedfordshire between and14, sparrows were killed and 3, eggs destroyed plnting at Deeping St.


The incredible filth attracted countless trillions of flies that took great delight in spreading typhoid. Presenting reams of data from all time periods and parts of the world places the current ecological problems in a larger context that cannot be acquired from reading about the problems themselves.

A New Green History Of The World : The Environment and the Collapse of Great Civilizations

The English were the first to begin the shift to coal. For almost the entire human journey, wood was our fuel, a renewable resource. There seemed little purpose to the history at that point except to continue the listing of our collective offenses. Clivf New Green History of the World: These cljve are shipped from and sold by different sellers. It is needed to move folks from home to work, and from the ground floor to the thirtieth. Vintage Books- Climate and civilization – pages.

It was just plain tedious.

A New Green History of the World : Clive Ponting :

clibe Ponting provides cautionary tales of the collapse of early civilizations due to environmental deterioration. New York City was second with 2. This book is also interesting for everyone who want to know more about the history pontlng stone chicken coops ; Rather it is a striking example of the dependence of human societies on their environment and of the consequences of irreversibly damaging that environment.

It isn’t a “green history of the world” in a catholic sense, but a history of modern human exploitation of the world. Industrial agriculture is getting gray and wrinkled, its best days behind it. Is it any wonder that the atmosphere is having convulsions? More horses were needed to haul more food over more miles.

Another influential read for me. It spans the two million year saga of our hominid ancestors, devoting most attention to the last 12, years, the era of thunder footprints.


At the gteen of the book, the author mostly just summarizes the main points he made throughout without offering any call to action as most environmental books do. They have had few possessions, suffered from appalling living conditions, and have been forced to spend most of their very limited resources on finding enough food to stay alive.

What Is Sustainable: A New Green History of the World

Just a short note. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle?

It also makes a welcome change from the scatter-gun apocalypse-mongering ggreen has become standard fare in green literature.

The Foundations of History. There is a “Guide to Further Reading” but that doesn’t really help very much. This might be a bitter pill for some to swallow, but I believe a necessary one. I wolrd to work for my bananas not reallyscrew him! Although it contained too much information, it was to support his thesis, whereas Collapse just started to feel repetive, each chapter proving the same thing over and over.

Clive Ponting documents the history of humanity beginning with Easter Island and ending in modern day. On one estate in the Scottish county of Sutherland in the early nineteenth century, kingfishers were killed in just three years.

Using the Roman empire as its central example, this classic work reveals how overexpansion and the exhaustion of available natural resources have played key roles in the collapse of all great cultures in human history.