Achtung Panzer – Kharkov – Manual. Game Title, Achtung Panzer – Kharkov Document Type, Manual. Platform, PC (DOS/Windows). Author, SimonU. achtung panzer. Wed, 24 Oct GMT achtung panzer pdf -. Heinz Guderian, Achtung. Panzer! (), p. Kharkov – Manual. ACHTUNG PANZER: Kharkov is a ground-breaking war game D 3 GHz [ Game requires SSE instructions support by the processor].

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For example, the Operation Star – Taranovka, February campaign operation is 10 turns long and might generate tactical battles. Concentrate retreating troops, restore defense lines along the Mzha River, and prevent the enemy from crossing the Mzha River. The main objective for Voronezh Front was the capture of Kharkov and Kursk. The Player’s troops are displayed using red and green icons, and troops that are allied to The Player–but are under AI control–are displayed using yellow icons.

Operation Star three subordinate scenarios using the Khagkov map: Links added to thread: Operation Moduler Steel Armor: Green platoon icons are platoons you can use in the current Tactical Phase. Can you point me in the right direction?

Prevent the th Infantry Division from joining the main enemy forces. Any battles that occur as the result of these moves are fought out sequentially–one at a time–on a 3D tactical map using continuous clock time.

Shaded squares are distributed by the current script. During your Operation Phase, you can view the operational statistics of your units. Basra 86 Graviteam Tactics: The troops of the th Manuxl Brigade are retreating towards the town of Lubotin.

Attacks designated during the Operations Phase are resolved during the Tactical Battle Phase of the turn using the 3D tactical maps. He videos a lot of games so you will have to scroll a nanual. There is a 2D and 3D version of each map. You can open the Statistics window by right clicking on a platoon icon during your player turn. Those folks have a point–but I think their concerns are best addressed with a manual designed to ‘splain how the GUI works.


Extraterrestrials – – – – – – UFO: The complex shading and shadows in the game tend to make things a little difficult to see. The enemy is relentless.

You may even recline comfortably in your chair, relax, locate the enemy on the map, send sufficient forces his way, and watch your units defeat the enemy in detail. Commanders may choose from two separate campaigns fought in the pivotal Kharkov sector of operations.

Updated 16 Aug The borders add continuity so it doesn’t look like your 3D map is floating in the air, like in the Combat Mission games. Special units will automatically run the achting routine, reinforcement, and refueling tasks.

He doesn’t give any commentary since English isn’t his native language,but Kharov found by watching what buttons He pushed and the results of those actions very helpful in helping Me understand the game. Operation Star replaced the Sokolovo map with Rakitnoe. Every turn, the player and AI will move their forces on the 2D operational map.

Graviteam | Achtung Panzer: Kharkov

Toronto Ontario but living in Edmonton,Alberta Status: Shifting Sands – – – – Command: Exit the game and return to desk top. NET Advanced Edition 2. A unit that that mahual encircled and is not connected to a perimeter square is not eligible for reinforcement, refueling or repairs.

Click or click and drag the right mouse button [RMB] to issue orders to the selected mxnual. Life, death, victory, or the shame of defeat hangs by the slender thread of your every decision.


Lots of campaign modding info in here as well,for anyone with modding skills. World War II formerly Battlefields! Do panze have a favorite historical warrior? To move a platoon, left click on the unit icon.

Napoleon – – – – Tech Support – – – – Victory and Glory: Block any attempts of the German th Infantry Division to breakout from encirclement and join their main force.


A square is either owned by one of the two sides or it is considered neutral. You are accountable for the results of your own endeavors if you choose to use this manual. Likers of the game will continue with it–as is–or will make the jump to the latest and greatest from Graviteam from a desire to see improvements to a game system they now understand.

Some apnzer are marked by flags. Here’s the game play in a nut shell. Achtung Panzer – Game Tips Roll-up.

They are as follows: I found when playing the game in 3D mode,that if you position the camera to where the sun is behind your camera facing,that you can see things much clearer. September 11, Genre: If a marked square is encircled by enemy forces, it brings three times less victory points. At the conclusion of Operation Star, the Panzr dug in and regrouped. Each platoon has its own Visibility Radius the distance the platoon can detect an enemy at. The squares that you kharokv eligible to move to will be shaded green.