: Aculife Hand Acupuncture Manual: Using the Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist () by Niall Strickland and a great selection of. This book introduces the reader to the principles behind electro-magnetic acupuncture and guides them through the simple steps of using the Aculife Magnetic. ACULIFE. Detect • Relieve • Healthcare. Hand Acupuncture Manual Using the Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist. WARNING You are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to .

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Aculife Hand Acupuncture Manual : Niall Strickland :

This should match the points on your body where pain is located. The second way to use the patch system is to place the patch directly on the area where pain is being felt. I can now sleep through the night. I fully believe in the product. Aculife Acupoint Handmaps Most people become curious when they learn that it is possible to treat themselves for a large number of medical problems by simply acupyncture acupoints on their hand.

This book delivers the benefits of our experience and shows how easy it is to detect and treat more than 57 different medical conditions. I finally had to stop playing sculife seriously as a result and the former life as a semi professional footballer became mxnual impossible dream.

Tried the Aculife and within 2 weeks I was lifting weights again. However the patch should never be used on the neck or head.

Initially as a fascinating gadget, having experienced a demonstration in Singapore. Two courses of anti-inflammatories and a significant number of ibuprofen tablets. Please note that if you have no pain at the moment, then you will not get a strong sensation on the hand Acupoints when using your Aculife device. My doctor was recommending surgery. Also, Aculife can be used by any person young or old at any stage of illness or other treatments with just a few exceptions.


Bad case of hemorrhoids, due to go into surgery late last year. Rather, it is a treatment that requires systematic use over a period of two to fourteen days to show significant benefits. Gently peel the plastic backing from the patch and leave it to one side. On this basis alone, it is probably worth having an Aculife in your medicine cabinet.

It works wonders for managing the pain with no side effects. We have been studying Aculife in common use by thousands of individuals and medical practitioners for more than 8 years. It then works to unblock these acupoints through light stimulation of the hand.

Turn your Aculife Unit on and set the acupunctuure level at a setting which is comfortable for you. Do try and keep the plastic backing dust free as you will want to put the patch back on it once you have completed each treatment. It is not a cure-all device but it is extremely beneficial for most people.

Aculife Hand Acupuncture Manual : Using the Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist

Many of our customers are now based in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and China and we often get queries about the availability of Hand Maps in Chinese. He subsequently used it on a daily basis until we had to return home to Australia. The feedback generated by the Aculife medical device can identify what the underlying problem may be with a high degree of accuracy, and thus allow you to inform your physician of an underlying problem requiring treatment if one exists.


These will always be the most sensitive points of the hand and should reflect the points you marked in stage 6 above. The five elemental energies — earth, gold, water, wood and fire — symbolise the life forces present in all living things, each one being a manifestation of Yin and Yang, or the opposing states of nature. We have put together a collection of handmaps that show the correct treatment points for about 50 different conditions in a PDF document which can be downloaded from the link below.

I have referred it to several people, all of whom have got similar results. McNamara Tweet Pin It. Also, try to be patient. Fibromyalgia and neck pain Previous Treatments Used: I also use it for sore throats and a cough. I can now walk without a limp and the pain is absent most of the time.

In fact, when I went for planned surgery to correct the condition I was told that I no longer had a problem in this area. If the pain point is on the left side of the body, the user should stimulate the left hand on the most sensitive points as described in point 7 above.

After using the Aculife to ease the injury, I have built up to a point where I can once again kick a ball m and can play football and rugby with my sons.