Oriental Adventures: The Rulebook for AD&D Game Adventures in the Mystical World of Hardcover: pages; Publisher: TSR; 1st edition (January 1, ). Another of my old sheets I’ve dug up. Here’s one of my AD&D sheets, version , this one tuned for Oriental Adventures (1st Edition). I believe. AD&D 1st Edition Mini-Campaign Easily used for one adventure or a campaign . .. Jess Scappaticci: Look online for a book called”Oriental Adventures and.

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Oriental Adventures 1st Edition. So this looks like a must buy https: Looks in the ball park. Can anyone tell me where are the entry-level modules for OA 1st Ed? Try OA1 or OA Mad Monks of Kwantoom is a nice setting including an island filled with monster- and treasure-filled pagodas. Easily used for one adventure or a campaign. Also, Flower Liches of the Dragonboat Festival. Some of the creatures the group have run into the second session of our OA foray.

We’ll eventually grab all after session notes and give a full review of our results.

The group was able to grab the eight handed mirror from the clutches of an evil minor lich and its bone naga minions Brett was wounded severely with a necrotic finger of death spell in the process Post has shared content.

Thought I’d post this over from the Traveller boards Originally shared by Michael Adventurs – 13 comments. The other day I was researching Japanese doll-making, and the reason for that is that I recall a Ravenloft module featuring 1sh doll-maker and murderous dolls featured, and was giving thoughts of either creating a module or at least a bestiary inclusion that involved Japanese dolls for my Kaidan 2.

The research proved to be creepier than I expected inspiring ideas that have yet to coalesce into something usable yet.


In the most ancient times 3 BCdolls were used for religious rites and it was believed that dolls take on the sins of those who touch it.

Karakuri Ningyo are life-sized dolls that were often mechanical automata used as mobile theater events for festival parades that often depicted a life-sized woman performing the tea ceremony using a whalebone spring to power the movements.

Also such life-sized dolls often depicted a murder with the doll laying in a pool of blood. Even creepier, one type of pregnant woman doll, could open up showing the twelve stages of fetal growth within wow, that’s almost too grisly to think about.

Advanced Dantians & Dragons: Oriental Adventures (1st Edition)

Bunraku is Japanese puppet theater that in some ways was the precursor for Kabuki theater. Almost life-sized realistic 1at, operated by 3 puppeteers with one moving the left hand and foot, another the right hand and foot, and the last operating it’s head. As an aside, consider that the Japanese are working on “artificial girlfriends” which I figure by the edution of a Japanese space horror setting that technology is mastered.

I’m working on a one level module that will be simultaneously released with a Kaidan Core Rule book for Starfinder – Japanese Horror in space setting. That adventurres will feature a resort luxury cruise liner starship owned by the yakuza, and rather than a traditional resort ship, it is a redlight district entertainment ship – Bunraku puppet theater, brothels, gambling casinos, a black market, an MMA arena other similar darker entertainments.

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Oriental Adventures Hardback TSR 2018 1st Ed 1985

Rather than forcing player characters to engage with doll prostitutes, using pregen characters, one will be an investigator of some advejtures, and the on board magistrate will ask him and his party to investigate a double murder aboard the ship, that involves a doll prostitute as a witness I want to keep the adventure PG13, and not Rated R, but it’s tight rope Well if you do ignore the sci-fi bits, the sci-fi setting I’m publishing with this concept and story idea Anyway, there’s 15 books with full modules and one-shots set in my Kaidan feudal Japan setting, and I think this setting is more authentic in culture and folklore to feudal Japan, than anything else published I agree, and it’s very unique and specific information that fits with the oriental genre.


For this small community any information that can be used I try 1xt spread You see more than a rough rep of cultural background you find in Australia if not more.

They generalized the fable involved. Considering that three of the four main actors are Asian Thai or Polynesian TonganI fail to see how this is whitewashed.

Sure, they aren’t Chinese, but still. They aren’t playing Chinese characters.

Mad Irishman’s AD&D 1st Edition (Oriental Adventures) Character Sheet

You might argue cultural appropriation, but not whitewashing. Also, the original TV series was a Japanese production.

It looks like fun. I put it on par with Xena or Hercules but slightly better production value; and a tad less quirky. Once and if I get a modules worth of material ready I will GM another four pack of sessions.

Would you like any additional players? I can ask some of my online gaming buddies, if you like.? I ad&x a very simple intro to what we will be covering.

The way of walking alone. I need to get a new book of 5 rings Originally shared by Kabuki Kaiser – 9 comments. Looks like you’ve reached the end. Unable to load more.

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