Mr. André Francois Perold, is the Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer atHighVista Strategies LLC. Mr. Perold is the Co-Founder of the firm. He was. Professor Perold’s research interests lie primarily in investment management with a focus on asset allocation, investments in non-traditional assets, risk. André Perold is Co-Founder, Managing Partner, and Chief Investment Officer of HighVista Strategies. Previously, he was the George Gund Professor of Finance.

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Mathematical Methods ; System ; Citation: Theory ; Insurance ; Investment. Farmland Investing Andre F.

Private Equity ; Investment ; Russia. Editorial Journal of Portfolio Management. Should it add more stocks to the portfolio?


Exploiting Degeneracy in the Simplex Method. Perold Dollarama is the leading operator of dollar stores in Canada. One alternative is to do this synthetically–issue long-term variable rate debt and enter into an interest rate swap. Perold and David S. Apparel and Accessories Industry ; Service Industry. How much growth could Maverick sustain?

DR. ANDRÉ PEROLD – African Leadership Academy

The proposed deal has been brought together by GIB, which was formed recently by merging Bankers Trust’s capital markets and corporate finance functions. The women are mostly grandmothers caring for children orphaned as a result of the country’s high AIDS-related death rate.


Perold BEA’s enhanced index fund product uses adre and cash market securities to find the most efficient way to “track an index. Perspectives and Challenges Applies the approaches to a variety of mutual funds to demonstrate the effect of using nadre metrics to measure fund performance. Also provides a vehicle for discussing the informational efficiency of stock prices and the role of intermediaries and markets in providing investors with company-specific information.

Currency ; Investment ; Performance. Insurance ; Risk and Uncertainty ; Insurance Industry. Financial Markets ; asset pricing ; institutional investing ; market efficiency ; behavioral finance ; equities ; stock market ; indexing ; Asset Pricing ; Financial Markets ; Investment ; Behavioral Finance ; Citation: The firm offers long-short as well as long-only strategies, and its approach involves high portfolio ancre.

Andre F. Perold – Faculty – Harvard Business School

andrs Perold and Geoffrey Bernstein The protagonist is trying to decide whether to purchase and develop an aquifer lying beneath rural land near Fresno, California. They demand two board seats and ask the company to make several operational and financial changes, including the repurchase of equity and divestiture of their chemicals business. Perol a rich institutional setting for understanding certain investment strategies involving short selling, and for understanding merger arbitrage and its function in the capital markets.


Van Leeuwen Supplements the A case.

The Barnstable College Endowment. The fund’s positions were diversified across many markets. A vehicle for analyzing the financial restructuring of a highly leveraged, but operationally healthy, company.

Perold The manager of the Barnstable College Endowment is evaluating proposals to increase the endowment’s exposure to stocks based on an analysis that shows stocks to be much safer over long holding periods. Insurance Industry ; United States. Froot and Andre F.

Andre F. Perold

Financial Instruments ; Financial Markets. Cases in Financial Engineering: Joshua Musher and Andre F. PeroldForest L.