Aquamist Manuals HFS-6 HFS-5 HFS-4 HFS-3 HFS-2 HFS-1 MF2 DDS3. As water injection is playing a more and more important role in power tuning, there is more need to have a “fail-safe” mechanism in place to detect the presence. Aquamist HFS3 – UPDATE installation completed w. picts . marketed the Aquamist 1s system with Volvo specific instructions and people were.

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I have my system starting spray at 3lbs and maxing out at 20lbs of boost.

Yes it intercepts the wastegate signal wire. I was going to mount it by the driver side fuse box where I have the controller mankal my DDR3 gauge now but I like your idea, the ECU case is temp controlled and since I have a manual there is no TCM taking up space so I think it will probably be fine there.

Originally Posted by Syndicategt. Last edited by jstro; at Last edited by tscdennab; at I like the controlled flow. Originally Posted by marv85 How hard is the install?

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But since I have a flash, I can’t see the point of the failsafe yet unless I will find a solution to dump the wastegate solenoids in case of a flow problem.

I like that this product is regulating the flow the right way, but I’m still gonna head down my path of getting the parameter data I need from my CANBUS instead of having to read the sensors and injector signal.


This system is a bit more refined. Awesome job on the directions for wiring I suppose then, I should rethink my plan to just stick everyting onto the fender well using a big ol’ magnet instead of actually mounting it huh? Last edited by blot; at I did not tap the injector wires, but ordered some pins from the dealer and used those and some wires instead. Our tanks designed to support all the features of Aquamist systems as well as internal baffles to prevent splashing.

I’ll post those up when I have the time. When it is below 80, I can hit the normal 21 PSI. BMW i Join Date: Also at high speeds the 5th and 6th gear seems better with improved throttle response and power maybe from the lower IATs and more denser air?

Aquamist HFS-2 PWM meth injection system installed – review & pictures

User manual April on: The tank was installed on the battery side, and the pump was installed beneath the trunk floor, making the install a very clean one. Originally Posted by cnic.

Not to knock the Aquamist system or anything but why is that most of the people on here are die hard “Aqua Mist” Fans. Your email address will not be published. Find More Posts by Eliei.


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There are DIYs on the forum for this. My first question is: All times are GMT Meth mnaual ECU wiring Like this meth kit. With more than 2 million posts our community is one of the most active groups of Volvo owners in the world.

Lets just say I have a lot of first hand expereince repairing things like chopped up harnesses on cars and bikes that ran like crap because people fubared the wiring on a critical harness.

Aquamist HFS4 Methanol Injection for BMW Direct Injection Engines

Stock S60r Totalled: In any case they sent me this today, seems pretty straight forward and I have already committed to being the guinea pig. It can also work with boost if needed.

How hard is the install? Chopping, tapping into wiring is not something to be worried about unless you don’t solder, or use a proper connector. Pulsed signal wires like coil and injector wires are also in seperate wire bundle sets to reduce the chance of creating induction noise in other harness wires.