Citation: KHC (1) KHC SN (1) KLD ILR . Court of India, Ms. Aruna Ramachandra Shanbaug, a 60 – year – old female. NEW DELHI/MUMBAI: The Supreme Court’s verdict on Friday legalising passive euthanasia owes much to the Aruna Shanbaug case, around. Pinki Virani had filed a plea in seeking that Aruna Shanbaug, who lived in a vegetative state for decades after a brutal rape, be allowed.

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He said, “The verdict is useful for the people who are at the end stage vase do not want ventilator support. Digital delivery will take centre stage. It can be categorized into voluntary, non-voluntary patient’s consent unavailable and involuntary without asking consent or against the patient’s will.

The police case was registered as a case of robbery and attempted murder because of the concealment of anal rape by the doctors under the instructions of the Dean judgemnt KEM, Dr. Prior to that night, Sohanlal, then a hospital janitor, had had a difficult relationship with Shanbaug, his superior.

Aruna Shanbaug case

Over timemedical science has evolved to find cure to so called incurable diseases even AIDS. The case helped shed light on an extremely complex issue of medical ethics and law. Women’s Wall in Kerala: Saturday, 10 Mar, 4.


This decision requires approval from the concerned High Court.

The Aruna Shanbaug case which changed euthanasia laws in India

The Times of India. State finance ministers may recommend raising of threshold to Rs 75 lakh. Valmiki strangulated Shanbaug with judgeement dog chain around her neck. Don’t need RBI’s reserves to meet fiscal deficit: Watch phenomenal video of the engine-less train scorching Indian Railways tracks.

Active euthanasia means killing a person through the use of a lethal substance or force, and passive euthanasia judtement withdrawing or discontinuing medical support necessary for the continuation of life.

Follow the instructions after that. To be autonomous the patient should be competent to make decisions and choices.

When interviewed, Sohanlal described his version of the assault, claiming it had been committed in a “fit of rage” and that he had no clear recollection of when it had taken place or what he may have done, though he denied raping her and said that it “must have been someone else”. It has its own debates both in favour of and against the process.

Euthanasia: The Aruna Shanbaug case which changed euthanasia laws in India | The Economic Times

Brain-damaged India nurse dies 42 years after rape”. Here are details of the case. Shortly after Shanbaug’s death was announced, however, Sohanlal was traced to his father-in-law’s village of Parpa in western Uttar Pradeshwhere he was found to be still living, married with a family, and working as a labourer and cleaner in a power station.


Duttakumar Desai wrote the Marathi play Katha Arunachi in —95, which was performed at college level and subsequently staged by Vinay Apte in Train 18 Buzz Train 18 a super hit!

We have seen on the internet that she has been espousing many social causes, and we hold her in high esteem. This further complicates the debate regarding the legality of such a wish by bringing in morality and ethics of such an act.

Retrieved 11 September Shanbaug remained in a vegetative state from until her death in Home India News SC permits judgemnet euthanasia: No Plans for New Year’s Eve? Help us delete comments that do not follow these guidelines.

I want to seek forgiveness from her and God, he says”. However, in its landmark opinion, it allowed passive euthanasia in India. He says that “there was an argument and a physical fight” when Shanbaug refused to give him leave csse visit his ill mother-in-law and said that she would write him up for poor work.