The tenth in the Field Manual series, Field Manual: Periphery details the. Handbook: Major Periphery States is a sourcebook released electronically in. The Inner Sphere is the heart of the BattleTech universe. Centered around Terra, it stretches Factions in the Deep Periphery. Alfirk · JàrnFòlk · Nueva Castile.

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ComStar’s Periphery outposts have taken on new importance since the Draconis Combine has invested in revitalizing the Explorer Corps.

It was also involved in the Vandenburg Revoltthe St. For most of its history, there was no standing army except for the local retainers of House Avellar. The Magistracy of Canopus is an interstellar nation in the fictional setting of BattleTech.

Colonel Zachariah Cirion, leader of the Black Warriors, began a series of raids against outlying Marik agricultural worlds. Solid green lapels and green stripes on both cuffs denote these officers.

Canopus and the break-away duchy saw the Confederation as weak, but still a danger to their survival. The Magistracy knew that the fanaticism of the people that was inspired by the Liao government would mean that every planet they took would meet with resistance, not just battlletech actual military units, but the populace too.

Sign In Don’t have an account? In the meantime, the Magestrix gladly schedules the Canopian pleasure circuses for regular stops in the Alliance, events which always boost the local economy and raise the citizen’s spirits. These actions cost the League its few JumpShips and damaged what little industry on Lothario had managed peripnery emerge over the last three centuries.

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It was a largely uneventful life, but you were able to put your MechWarrior skills to good use in the occasional scuffle with pirates and uncooperative local governments. The Alliance Charter specifically forbids the use of such troops within the Outworlds.


A Preceptor is roughly equivalent bqttletech a Senior Sergeant or Sergeant-Major in Inner Sphere armies, though the Preceptor’s responsibilities are typically less because of the smaller size of the Alliance military.

Most important positions in the government, military and private sector are held by this group. With the fall of the Star League, the research team became isolated from the rest of humanity. Even before our Order preiphery establishing HPG stations on Alliance worlds, that realm had begun relying more and more on the barter system.

Character creation

Slight differences between branches as noted before is becoming more announced. Directors wear solid brown lapels and one brown stripe on both cuffs. The Draconis Combine objected to the marriage as an obvious ploy by the Federated Commonwealth to subsume the Periphery realm, and the Kurita ambassador refused to believe any other explanation of the partnership.

You were the oldest child, heir to the family’s titles and ancestral BattleMech, an old Blackjack BJ However, at no point during the Succession Wars battletch the Outworlders had the option of joining the Davions in any form of formal alliance, nor even of helping them covertly, as Kuritan intelligence is far too efficient for it to be worth the risk.

This notwithstanding, the average Alliance citizen is only marginally literate and prone to a number of superstitions. Each fleet has specific roles. To downplay the importance of a standing armed force, the Alliance’s rank structure is extremely sparse.

Handbook: Major Periphery States – BattleTechWiki

In flight operations, pilots wear an all-white flight suit with a green collar and cuffs, and such personal equipment as may be available. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. In marked contrast to their traditional views, a growing number of Alliance worlds currently believe that President Avellar’s reformation policies do too little for the Alliance Military Corps.

Though many within the magistracy detested the treaty due to that many troops the canopus would fight wars to gain of the magistracy. The Kurita government abandoned its claim to the worlds when the main Mican ore deposits were already depleted, and the punishing climates of the Mican worlds prevented the formation of any major cities in the system. Just as most Periphery realms have few naval assets, civilian jumpships and dropships are hired to serve the MAF needs during mass movements of troops.


The increase in economic support hoped for by President Neil Avellar simply failed to materialize, though the troops guarding Davion assets remained. The government prefers to remain isolated from outside influence, partly petiphery fear of attack and partly from the want to keep the lower-class population in check. Withdrawing to the world of Alpheratz inAvellar devoted the rest of his life to periphert denunciations of the warmongers of the major Houses.

Due to the logistical loses accrued during the fighting the league was forced to renew trade ties with other planets and nations within the periphery to avoid economic ruin. Piracy is a major governmental function, with covert “agencies” responsible both for leriphery raids themselves and for covering them up. As years and decades passed, successive Magestrixes continued to build upon the foundation she created.

This group advocates dissolving the realm and allowing the settled worlds to succeed or fail on their own, obviously trusting that individual planets will conduct their own affairs more efficiently than a central government. The Clan Homeworlds, in the Kerensky Cluster, are generally not considered as part of the Periphery, or rather as an exceptional case, as they were colonized as part of a large-scale one-time exodus by the SLDF forces, led by Kerensky, to peripheey as far as possible beyond the borders of the collapsing Star League.