We reserve rights to make modifications to this manual without any further notice. .. Use only cables provided by Beamex when connecting MC5 to a PC or a. BEAMEX MC5-IS | FIELD EQUIPMENT FIELD EQUIPMENT | BEAMEX MC5-IS .. CD-ROM with user manual, software tools and product information. MC5 is the first of its kind modular ALL-IN-ONE multifunction calibrator. Alternately, external and manual reference junction . Internet http://www.

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The RS connection can be used in safe area only. It is not enough to select the correct quantity and port in MC5-IS.

Only qualified personnel may use pressure instruments and pres- sure sources. Thus there is no exact limit for the number of instruments that MC5-IS can maintain in its memory. You cannot add more digits if the length of the number is at its Delete maximum limit.

Page 7 There are however janual definite restricitions; fill in the form when you feel like it all items need not be answered.

Beamex MC5

Unit Also check the setting. The found connection type is displayed on the resistance or RTD measurement window. Startup and Basic Operation Warning! Don’t have an account? Adjustment Guide that may be practical during the Remember the “Do not Adjust if” limit For instance, when the MC5 was still in production, a customer could buy it as a pressure or temperature stand-alone calibrator, and then later expand it into a data-logging, documenting maual calibrator.


If you simulate a thermocouple in millivolt mode, you must convert from temperature to millivolts manu- ally. Therefore very spe- cial attention was directed on this matter when creating the calibra- tor.

See Selecting the Instrument to Be Calibrated on beaex for information on how to enter Calibration Mode and se- lecting instruments for calibration. Wait a few minutes and then rinse using a cloth moistened with pure water. Beamex MC5 is no longer in production. Page 44 Startup and Basic Operation Warning!

Both of the above men- tioned factors affect notably on mahual pressure measurement modules. There are, however a few things that anyone using MC5-IS may do. Page 78 Startup and Basic Operation Note. Some calibration examples are available starting from chapter Examples of Instrument Calibration on page You will see the measured temperature in millivolts and need a table to convert the measured millivolt value to corresponding temperature values. There are however some ex- ceptions to that rule: This makes it possible to buy a calibrator with capabilities according to current requirements.


Use the Function Key to remove un- wanted digits first and then beajex the new digits. Pulse Generation Polarity Also check the setting. A good average operating time is 5 hours. This procedure suits temperature sensors no matter if they are Cm5 or thermocouples. If you are calibrating instruments using off-line method then please keep in mind this: Recommended replacement is Beamex MC6. Calibrating An Instrument Select one of the available instruments by pressing the Select key.


Page of Go. General The general principle is: Read carefully all these instructions and local safety instructions for high pressure operations before starting the use.

After a self test, some basic information of the calibrator at hand appears in the lower part of the screen. INT2C age of a user defined range. Therefore MC5-IS includes Stepping and Ramping as standard utilities for creating automatically alternating output signals spe- cial generations. Every module in MC5- When measuring Electrical output in this section The Sensor type and the Refer- ence Junction Mode has to be set accordingly, too. PX1 in a sticker on the manuxl panel.

Safety So be careful when working in wet conditions. With small changes, this procedure should also suit all majual ture instruments with a fixed sensor. If the type is not one of the available types, you should simulate in millivolt mode and convert from temperature to millivolts manually.

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