Photos published by Birzieciu Zodis. In the last few years I’ve been photographing the Strongest Man Competition for couple of newspapers in. BIRŽIEČIŲ ŽODIS, UAB laikraštis (Vytauto g. 18, BIRŽAI) – update information. Phone, + Fax, + E-mail, [email protected] Internet address, Company management. Turnover, LTL /.

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The ladies with their hats, beautiful suits, and highheels, are holding their composure very well on this hot day. According to the plan, it was time to move to Kernave.

For the beautiful sound and lights we must say thanks to Dainius Nagele and for the main prize we want to thank Vytautas Kersulis. We birzieciu zodis that next time everything will go just as planned. One of the project areas: It was set out in the birziecih topics: The gym which is in the basement is equipped with sports equipment simulators.

With “Klasika”, to Lithuania’s first capital

Those who want to learn more about children education, parents looking for new ways to improve the relationship with their teens, facing up to the challenges, to share best practice and gain practical skills of positive parenting.

The soup — with fish, a bit late, but everybody is waiting for it. The automobiles and their pretty ladies. The wonderful performance by the singer was very cherished by the audience. The second floor will be equipped with music, dance and art classes, the third — with bedrooms for temporary accommodation, showers and toilets. The work, which began by the end of summer, are in full swing.

They also learned how to sing Birzai songs. Everybody was dancing — the old, the young, and the restless. The other Project work has tarted at the beginning of the sumer and is still going. Lionginas says that he has two motorcycles ready for parades. This was a beautiful day of August 7 th Social services for young families, children and youth will birzieciu zodis expanded. The Trees Stood Still: The older foster children of the fund want to have a separate space. Immune system pdf notes on computer.


A few participants even tried to buy the recipe of soup, but the cooks were unwilling to give away their secret. His wife Nergina, daughters Egle and Eivile help. The owner of this extraordinary vehicle is Ricardas Rajuncius from a neighboring town — Panevezys. Ingen kommentarer til Biovail sec filings pdf. While people were enjoying the beautiful classic automobiles, the participants of the show were not being bored because they were on a tour of Birzai Castle which was built in following the Italian basilica style.

The first floor will be devoted to the kitchen, dining room and exercise rotoms. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

After witnessing the beautify of the park and the palace, the line of cars headed to the centre of Birzai — the independence square which contains the memorial site from for all the brave men and woman who fought for the independence of Lithuania. Jukonis, Youth affairs council representative A. Good luck to you!

Vidugiris tries to control the parade, when stopped at an intersection. First, the club is sponsored by its members. A special prize went to Sigitas Trunce from Klaipeda who had to drive over km to get to Birzai to join us. While choosing the most beautiful automobile, there was no debate when the nomination went to a Mercedes Benz W The owner of this extraordinary vehicle is Ricardas Rajuncius birzieciu zodis a neighboring town — Panevezys.


The new centre together with the open youth space will be the safe place where young people can spend their time. Children spends time here: Despite the fact that the event ended at 1 a. Participants came by the Astravas Palace and rounded up their cars for the exhibition, while the viewers and the participants could be astonished by the beauty of the architecture of the palace, which once belonged to Count Jonas Tiskevicius. Is it possible to repair a building, borzieciu was decomposing zods years?

The first longer stop was at Sirvintai Road repair workers place. And that was not even the end.

Four staff members and volunteers participated in training to work in children day care centers with birzueciu youth space. There were individual and group interviews with 30 families — a total of 24 sessions which were attended by about 70 parents. The most beautiful and original was of the Grigoraitis family from Vilnius who came with a Jeep Willy.

at WI. » Biržų krašto naujienos

The other Project work has tarted at the beginning of birzieciu zodis sumer zodls is still going. We must also not forget to give a very big thank you to Birzai Aero Club for giving us a place to birizeciu. Later the guide introduced all participants to the history of Birzai and showed the beautiful man-made lake which happens to be the oldest man-made lake in Lithuania and was made in the year by rerouting Apascia and Agluona rivers.