Bunyoro: Bunyoro, East African kingdom that flourished from the 16th to the 19th century west of Lake Victoria, in present-day Uganda. Bunyoro was established. Court dismisses case against Bunyoro’s premier “I did not drag the king or kingdom to court. I filed a suit against Andrew Byakutaga because he is in that office. The Kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara is the remainder of a once powerful empire of Kitara. At the hight of its glory, the empire included present day Masindi, Hoima.

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Tens of thousands turn up for Empango Run — A pictorial as it happened. Historically, the Luo group which migrated to Bunyoro has been divided into two houses – the party that actually set up the ruling house of Bunyoro-the Babiito and the other party that settled in northern the parts of Bunyoro in the area known as Chope or Pawir.

John Roscoe lied that there was a strange custom of polyandry among the Banyoro. Before Colville invaded Bunyoro-Kitara, there was a lot of trade, agriculture and livestock rearing. The kingship of Bunyoro is the most important institution in the kingdom.

Some other accounts reveal that Bunyoro did not go to war with her northern neighbours due to the fact that, she used to get soothsayers from the north of the Nile and as a consequence, held these people in ardent respect for their strong divination. They possessed Bito rulers.


Bunyoro ministers visit kingdom’s former territories in Tanzania

After the region remained loyal to Great Britain in World War I a new agreement was made in giving the region more autonomy. The people of Bunyoro bunyooro also known as Nyoro or Banyoro singular: Death was almost always believed to be the work of evil magic, ghosts, or similar. HullPrincipal Private Secretary of the Omukama ….

Some of Mpuga’s wives were taught to cook according to the custom of the country of Bunyoro. These areas came to be known as the lost counties. When the women had left, Mugungu and Nyakoka warned Rukidi that if he never wanted to become King, his brother would be made King.

Uganda National Anthem Royal anthem: Colonel Colville made this plot in Colonial efforts to reduce Bunyoro to a non entity were numerous, and continued over a long period of time.

Residues of Colonial Policies in Modern Uganda.

Bunyoro – Wikipedia

However, in Kaberega bunyroo captured and exiled to the Seychelles and Bunyoro was subsequently annexed to the British Empire. The migration was caused by upheavals which took place bunypro Bunyoro-Kitara in that period. The people of Bunyoro, under the reign of the mighty king Cwa II Kabalega, resisted colonial domination.

Ugandacountry in east-central Africa. Sudanese troops ordered to raid southern Bunyoro for food turned it into lonely wild country. Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom concerned over refugee crisis.

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The Omukama King and the other leaders of the area are planning to establish a university that will primarily focus on teaching relevant skills with regard bunyyoro working in the extraction of natural resources. He says that if Acholi and Lango had wished to kingxom at the expense of Bunyoro, they could probably not have been deterred by belief in strength of Bunyoro against which they had never measured their own.


The relationship was fundamentally due to ties of friendship that had been established between them over a long period of time.

As I did so one of the men got up and went to the door. These facts therefore tell us that, the Babiito royal ruling house of Bunyoro-Kitara, sprung from the same stock as that which largely populated northern Uganda and furnished the region with Luo language.

For example the Babworo clan which is today limited to northern Bunyoro, is said to be a remnant of an old royal clan of Acholi referred to as the BooraKaka par Rwot of Madi Origin. They killed for fun. These sub-dynasties attached great importance to Bunyoro, although they led an independent life.

Due to the volatile nature of the ivory tradean armed struggle manifested between the Baganda and the Banyoro.

Journey of Hope in pictures: Rukidi ruled for quite long and married among others, the two royal kungdom left by Wamara. The Banyoro lost life, food bumyoro livestock. After the burial, all participants washed themselves thoroughly, as it was believed that the negative magical forces could harm crops.