GOTBAUM–Carol Anne Stiger, Funeral services were held Sunday for Carol Anne Stiger Gotbaum, who died tragically on September 28, beloved. results GOTBAUM–Carol. Congregation Rodeph Sholom mourns the untimely and tragic death of our member, Carol Gotbaum. We will miss her deep. Carol Gotbaum spent one night at the hospital. Betsy Gotbaum saw her in the emergency room after she awoke. “I’m ashamed of myself,” Carol.

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Just want to say I enjoy your blog very much. I really had a laugh with the flan comment. My wife makes a good flan, although I agree that is the exception rather than the rule! Thanks so much, daveg! My problem is that I can’t eat eggs, so custard of any kind doesn’t agree with me. I agree with the panoramic tentative conclusion you draw from the Carol Gotbaum death as well. Or am I mistaken in thinking that you are really independent of the two sides of the same coin?

The life and death of Carol Anne Gotbaum – NY Daily News

Nah, that would surely be absurd. Hmmm, a few examples of what I mean: Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s visit to Columbia University. The press, and presumably the aggregate crowd as well, ridiculed his anti-homosexual rant and assuming that everyone will disagree with that because, hey, only anti-semitic tyrants with genocidal goybaum of his ilk would even think about homosexuality in such a way.

Or try to convey that you have to be partnering with, supporting, or otherwise acquiescing to, that lot or otherwise be considered a genuine Mahmoud apologist and supporter. If you oppose the war ignoring the reasons you oppose it, naturallyyou must certainly be in ideological and philosophical lockstep with the Hollyweird celebrity brigade, academia, etc. And vice-versa, of course. If you oppose affirmative action, then you must be a racist. Again, never mind the reason why one would oppose it and that affirmative action on behalf of ANY race, ethnicity, or any other whimsical qualifier is unconstitutional and plainly immoral!

There’s a thousand other scenarios that could be relayed, but I think for all who can think for themselves independently, the point is clear. Lastly, when you say, “They did this because they’re permitted to, not because it was necessary. Caeol can do a lot of things and actually get away with it, but I choose not to do them. What you said is like saying that the only reason you, I, gitbaum anyone else for that matter doesn’t break into homes and steal other’s possessions, is merely because they’re “not allowed to” or because we don’t have the force of Leviathan at our back.

Although, I do agree that a LAW and fear of consequences is what prevent otherwise morally rudderless folk from carrying out certain acts, naturally. It’s a damned world we live in Will and, from the looks of it with folk becoming ever more confused, bewildered, and fanatical about what they believe, should believe, what’s right, wrong, up, down, left, right, etc.

This woman died of some combination of police brutality and alcohol withdrawal. I would lean more toward alcohol withdrawal. She was on her way to a treatment program and was delayed a few hours to say goodby to her family. Few people understand that although all withdrawals are uncomfortable, there are only really two substances that you can go cold turkey from and it can kill you.


Not coke, not smack, it’s alcohol and downers. Within a half day to 2 day period after the last drink, a person who is dependent on alcohol will become extremely agitated,start to shake, have convulsions, run a fever, go into tachycardia and die. Anxiolytic meds and physical support along with perhaps a judicious amount of alcohol in an emergency situation would have set things right. She was in full blown withdrawal and was not in control of any of her body’s homeostatic mechanisms, let alone her feelings and reactions.

All cops are brutal nazi pigs. Every single one is a power hungry bastard. Just ask their wives and the non sworn personnel they work with. This police state has got to be dealt with, and fast. And did I mention, Craig Timko is an asshole! The woman had anixety disorder you imbecile commenters This woman was treated with less respect than a Golden Retgriever.

Have American citizens all had a collective castration? Any pig that did that to my wife would soon be found floating in a river.

There is a great quote in ‘V for Vendetta’ that is apropos: With all the delays probably gotbqum due to TSA actions ironicallythe TSA goons themselves gobtaum their myriad molestation proclivities, not to mention catol schizo public who are likely to freak out at even merely wayward speech on a plane, are just a few of the reasons I don’t bother flying on commercial flights anymore.

The last time I flew, and that was on a foreign airline, was in Feb. Also, methinks, in this post era, being a diabetic who carries his “contraband” everywhere I could see myself subjected to similar treatment as well. Forget it, it just ain’t worth the pain, especially within the continental US.

And as for overseas, these days I also wouldn’t bother with flying unless absolutely necessary.

David Schwartz

Hey, take it easy! I can’t easily control what I do or don’t do. It all becomes a blur to me any more. I know that I can be anal at times. Please just give me a few more chances! The death of Carol Ann Gotbaum is absolutely heartbreaking. I have tried to imagine how the victim could get the chain from behind her back and under her chin.

On top of the Tanya Rider incident and the Florida student who was tazered, one has to conclude that there is soemthing very rotten at the heart of american law enforcement. This poor woman, slight in build and a mom, possibly suffering from major withdrawal symptoms, had taken the wonderful decision to go for treatment. What is it with american cop violence? Are they not there to be a force for good?

Why do they have to be so aggressive. Unfortunately in the law suits that I imagine will follow such a death, it will be the american taxpayer who foots the bill.

These officers need to be dismissed from the force. And the regulations need to be changed. Why is it ok to gotvaum seven hefty badge-wearers to wrestle and truss up a small lady with major health issues…. This is absolutely scandalous. There is something very rotten at the heart of American society. For another update, it appears that the original stories claiming that Ms.


Gotbaum got to the gate when the plane was pulling away was misinformation. She got there at 1: They gave away her seat because the plane was overbooked. What is disgusting about this is that the U.

Airways website states that your seat may be given away if you are not gotbzum 20 minutes before the flight.

Carol Gotbaum

She was at the gate 24 minutes before her 1: After being robbed of her seat, she bought a ticket from another passenger offering them a free roundtrip ticket in return for theirs to Tulsa and was told by airline staff that she couldn’t do that because it was a “security risk”. No wonder she was screaming about not being a terrorist.

She attempted a rational act and encountered insane inanity. That’s enough to drive anyone mad. Why do they only have cameras in the front areas? There are hundreds of people and eyes there. Where we need the cameras gktbaum in the ‘back’ rooms! The autopsy basically says she had bruises all over her body, and they finally killed her while chaining her up to the bench. They simply crushed her chest by kneeling on her. Oh well, just another day’s work. How did we go from: What’s going on here?

No wonder she dragged her feet all czrol way to the gotabum, she probably knew, something bad was going to happen First of all the police action did not look particularly violent. Those who are commenting here seem to be suffering from some hippie related disorder: Burn F-ing Cops” I felt like was in a Dragnet episode. Believe it or not yelling threats in an airport is stupid and it may get you arrested.

Which “law enforcement” agency do you serve with? At least have the courtesy to identify yourself as a cop and only a cop could possibly defend anyone involved in this travesty.

I lived in Phoenix for 20 years, and this crol of thing is common. People die or are injured in police custody every month in Phx. Airport police are no different, they all have a very distinct “I’m better than you are, and I’ll do as I please” attitude. It’s even worse for the minorities and non citizens legal or not.

Some of the cops are rough because they’re scared. Cops are targeted by gangs and dealers for hits, other cop assume you’re guilty and treat you as such. You’re even treated as a criminal if you call them. I called in Phx a few months ago for a medical emergency and was threatened by the accompanying officers.

Your insight and diligence are much appreciated, and — in a world of propaganda masquerading as ‘news’ — one of the few truly trustworthy sources on stories like this one. The only reason anyone knows anything about this Ms.