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This attack was blocked by the HTTP protocol decoder. This attack was caught by the Mmarzo sensor. This attack was launched against the FortiGate unit itself rather than a host behind the FortiGate unit.

The number of concurrent connections to destination IP address Which of the following statements is correct regarding how this transaction will be handled by the FortiGate unit? Any other matched DLP rules will be ignored with the exception of Archiving. Any other matched Caatlogo rules are ignored.

The traffic matching the DLP catallgo will bypass antivirus scanning. The client IP address will be added to a white list. A ban action prevents future transactions using the same protocol which triggered the ban. A qarantine action blocks all future transactions, regardless of the protocol.

IPV4 to IPV6: Phone

A ban action blocks the transaction. A quarantine action archives the data. A ban action has a finite duration. A quarantine action must be removed by an administrator. A ban action is used for known users. A quarantine action is used for unknown users.

The sample packet trace illustrated in the exhibit provides details on the packet that requires detection. Antivirus scanning can be configured to block certain file types and patterns.

Antivirus scanning provides end-to-end virus protection for client workstations. Antivirus scanning supports banned word checking. Antivirus scanning supports grayware protection.

Which 20112 the following statements is correct regarding this entry? The entry displays a ban that has been added as a result of traffic triggering a configured DLP rule. This client is banned from receiving or sending any traffic through the FortiGate.


This entry displays a ban entry that was added manually by the administrator on Dec 24th. Application control provides application detection regardless of the port used by the application.

Application control allows session-ttl to be customized for specific application types. Application control allows custom application types to be added in a similar way to adding custom IPS signatures. Application control allows an administrator to cataloyo which applications are installed on workstations attempting to access the network. Which of the following items will allow the administrator to control the transfer of encrypted data through the FortiGate unit?

Encrypted protocols can be scanned through the use of the SSL proxy. DLP rules can be used to block the transmission of encrypted files.

Firewall authentication can be enabled jarzo the firewall yoiigo, preventing the use of encrypted communications channels. Application control can be used to monitor the use of encrypted protocols; alerts can be sent to the administrator through email when the use of encrypted protocols is attempted.

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