Covers the Great Catholic Monarch, the Holy Pope, and the period before Catholic Prophecy: The Coming Chastisement See other Yves Dupont Titles. In our opinion, this is the best book of prophecy in print! Covers the Great Catholic Monarch, the Holy Pope, and the period before Antichrist, with excellent, . By Yves Dupont. [ ] Some of the prophecies given here have already been cited in my book “CATHOLIC PROPHECY” in which I gave a general picture of the.

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The planned ascent into heaven will have been prepared by the artful employment of ingenious devices, and the moment at which the event was to have taken place, leading to his destruction, will produce a cloud that will spread an unbearable odour. For the same reason, it is insane to insist on majority rule in Africa.

But, I encourage all to read this book and expand your knowledge. Antichrist will be the greatest tyrant of all time.

Catholic Prophecy : Yves Dupont : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

And so the stage is set for the chastisement which the prophecies say will be very severe for England. Whole Catholic com- munities were being oppressed, harassed, confined, and de- prived of their freedom.

Augustine died inand St. John of the Cleft Rock 14th century. It will be the determining battle between the Christian forces under the Great King and the last armies of the Communist block. Supont they will see clearly through his insidious appearance and his deceitful imposture, and will flee from his hands and betake themselves to the mountains, and hide in the caves of the earth; and they will seek after the Friend of man with tears and a contrite heart: She placed a book inlaid with precious stones.

Catholic Prophecy

Now, the churches are closed; the pastors run away; the Holy Sacrifice ceases. The miracle lasted forty-seven years. When the great ruler the Great Monarch who is to rule Europe after the carholic of Communism exterminates the Turks almost entirely, one of the remaining Mohammadans will be converted, become a priest bishop catholiic cardinal, and when the new pope is elected immediately before Antichrist this cardinal will kill the pope before he is crowned, through jealousy, wishing to be pope himself; fupont when the other cardinals elect the next pope this cardinal will proclaim himself Anti-pope, and two-thirds of the Christians will go with him.


Return to Book Page. Towards the end darkness will cover the earth. All men will love each other and do good, and all quarrels and wars propgecy cease. Mary Major, and I saw many poor people who were greatly distressed and worried because the Pope was to be seen nowhere, and also on account of the restlessness and the alarming rumors in the city. Her gaze travelled to the ends of the earth and discovered there people on whom she had never set eyes, reading them to the depth of their souls.

This, admittedly, is highly specu- lative.

Catholic Prophecy: The Coming Chastisement

Souffrand in the 19th century. He knows that his time is running short; he is intensifying his efforts and, being intelligent, realizes that his most likely cooperators are to be yvez among those who crucified Christ.

To be sure, when you destroy Private Enterprise you destroy also private Capitalism but, contrary to the simplistic solution of the Socialists, it is possible to control Capitalism without destroying Private Enterprise.

The Jews, knowing from the Bible that Jerusalem will be the seat of the Messiah, will come from everywhere and accept Antichrist as the Messiah. The wicked will try to obliterate everything religious, but they will not have enough time.

Karen Karwowski marked it as to-read Sep 27, Perhaps there exists a stream of consciousness in some sort of time portal which can be tapped. Karl Marx, to be sure, taught djpont conflicts and differences always work for the good of the cause concerned, but we were not quite prepared to hear this from the mouth of a Pope.


That is why it is insane to insist on absolute equality between whites and Negroes when their general make-up and way of life are so different. Leaning on the Cross with one hand, He duplnt to His Father with the other hand the chalice which the virgin had given to Him. Propjecy, the myth of “popular sover- eignty” soon gave rise to the very real curse of popular involvement in warfare.

Christ Himself will smite down Antichrist, but will not come visibly. And why was it withdrawn? Columba’s prophecy has already come to pass: By surrendering his Crown and Sceptre on the amount of Olives, the Great Monarch will acknowledge this gift from God, as if saying: The tops of the towers in the city rose again above the water and appeared more beautiful eupont before, and I was told that this land was England.

According to many prophecies, the Church will be without a Pope for some time, and most of the hierarchy will have been martyred.

They will overcome the German ruler. At the same time, the Great Monarch ascends the throne of his ancestors. Stacey Kirschenmann added it Oct 07, But there in the strange big pgophecy all the work was being done mechani- cally i.

Simultaneously Antichrist will try to increase his wonders. The French Revolution marked the triumph of these philosophers’ ideas, which took root first cathooic America, then throughout Europe in the wake of Napoleon’s victorious armies. Joshua rated it it was ok May 21, He ascends the throne of Peter.