OBJETIVO: O presente artigo descreve os aspectos clínicos, radiológicos e histopatológicos de um caso extremamente raro de cisto periodontal lateral, bem . 1 ; 22(3): set-dez Cisto lateral: relato de caso Gracielle Rodrigues Tavares * Júlia Magalhães da Costa Lima * Sócrates Steffano da Silva Tavares. Diagnóstico e tratamento de cisto periodontal lateral: Purpose: Lateral periodontal cyst (LPC) is an uncommon type of odontogenic cyst of development.

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Mendes RA, van der Wall I. Considering the possibility of a BOC, an excisional biopsy using enucleation followed by peripheral ostectomy technique was performed.

LateraL periodontaL cyst: case report Cisto periodontal lateral

At physical examination, it was observed an increase in volume and crackle in the region of upper prriodontal left incisor. The intra-oral examination showed a discreet but consistent and hard swelling adjacent to the canine without alterations in the local mucosa. A male, 44 years old, melanoderma, came up complaining of a swelling in the anterior left region of the mandible for already two months.

In the occurrence of LPC, the erupted tooth is generally involved and the mucosa of the area commonly has a normal appearance. The patient will give a long history of undiagnosed but severe pain, and More information. Pleomorphic adenoma is the most common tumor. It presents about 1 cm in its largest diameter, but some are large and may compromise the full development of the root of the tooth involved Lima et al. The features of a lateral periodontal cyst can be easily confused with a odontogenic keratocyst developing between roots or a more lateral radicular cyst.

Beningn pleomorphic adenoma of minor salivary gland of palate Journal of Dentistry and Xisto Hygiene Vol.

Bad breath is not normal. During surgery, strong adhesion of the cystic capsule to the canine root was observed.

Some studies found no gender predilection Carter et al ; Mendes and van der Waal others, however, showed a predilection for males Rasmusson et al. Chapter Tooth Formation Teeth develop from epithelial cells from the mucosal lining of the oral cavity and cranial neural crest-derived ectomesenchymal cells.


Slide 1 – British Council Schools Online.

After the histopathological examination the final diagnosis was of lateral cyst. Periapical and oclusal radiographies demonstrated a radiolucent multilocular image of approximately 20 mm over the canine root with extension to the adjacent incisive teeth Figures 1 and 2. It is observed a radiolucent image, surrounded by a radiopaque line, located laterally to the root of prriodontal tooth with vitality Chbicheb et al.

LateraL periodontaL cyst : case report Cisto periodontal lateral : relato de Caso

The treatment of choice is surgical removal by enucleation and curettage, with subsequent histological evaluation to confirm the diagnosis Lima et al. Putting Smiles into Motion About Implants At physical examination, it was observed an increase in volume and crackle in the region of upper lateral left incisor.

Rev Fac Odontol Porto Alegre jul; 43 1: Development of Teeth Dr. Dental Radiography collimator Ionising radiation image radiolucent area radiopaque area controlled zone scatter radiation intraoral Dental Radiography X-rays for dental radiography are produced by high voltages of electricity within an x-ray head and come out through a metal tube called a collimator.

This idea is supported in the histopathologic finds of Phelan et al. After clinical and radiographic evaluation performed by the first professional sought by the patient, with presumptive diagnosis of periapical cyst, the element 22 was subjected to endodontic treatment.


On the other hand, those cells are not identified in dentigerous and radicular cysts, which present etiopathogenesis related to the reduced epithelium and the epithelium rests periodontall Malassez, respectively. Although this characteristic is essential to the histopathologic diagnosis of the BOC, the eventual damage of this aspect during surgery or by laboratorial manipulation may difficult its differentiation from the LPC 6.

LPC is asymptomatic, whereas most botryoid cysts may have symptoms, perhaps due to their larger size 2. The Full Dental Plan is designed to cover diagnostic, preventive peridoontal restorative procedures necessary for adequate dental health.


Although these citso indicate a distinction between these two entities, a critical analysis is necessary. Lateral periodontal cyst LPC is an unusual cyst of odontogenic origin, most frequently found in the mandible between the roots of canines and premolars and corresponding to 0.

Pleomorphic adenoma of hard palate: The diagnosis occurs randomly through routine radiographic examinations, as the majority of these lesions are asymptomatic Kerezoudis et al. Greer RO, Johnson M. The tooth had been cold sensitive for several weeks, but the. periovontal

Maxillary Sinus Antrum of Higmore The maxillary sinus is a pneumatic space. Oral Examinations Periapical More information. Postoperative periapical radiography taken after 60 days demonstrated normal bone healing lqteral. A study by Calvet and Quadros8using records with the objective of verifying the prevalence of odontogenic cysts of development, found that the lateral periodontal cyst corresponded periodnotal 1. Both lesions have similar characteristics and may represent the same nosologic entity in distinct evolution periods.

All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. The lumen of the cavity is partly filled by red blood cells and peeled epithelial cells Figure 4.

Journal of Dentistry and Oral Hygiene Vol. The study included 10 using the split control expansion technique More information. Clinical symptoms are usually absent and perioodontal diagnosis is made through routine radiographic examination Lima et al.

Postoperative periapical radiography taken after 60 days demonstrated normal bone healing process. Oral Surgery Publication Types: Benefits and positive effects of orthodontic treatment 1.