Climbing Mount Improbable has ratings and reviews. Greg said: Part of me feels really dumb reading this, because all I can do is take him at hi. In this masterful piece of popular science, Richard Dawkins builds a powerful and carefully The metaphor of ‘Mount Improbable’ represents the combination of. Review of Climbing Mount Improbable by Richard Dawkins Penguin Books Ltd, Harmondsworth, Middlesex, England by Jonathan Sarfati Introduction This is the .

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Yes, even the figs. If the reader had read chapters without realising that natural selection selects for local reproductive fitness and does not have any teleological aim, they probably did not get much out of those chapters. In chapter seven Dawkins actually accepts a form of hierarchy in evolution, in what he calls “kaleidoscopic embryology”.

Climbing Mount Improbable – Richard Dawkins

improbabel The main metaphorical treatment is of a geographical landscape upon which evolution can ascend only gradually and cannot climb cliffs that is known as an adaptive landscape. This was a challenging read. For instance, while it is known that mutation chance is not very random at all, it could as well be, and it wouldn’t detract from natural selection.

Of course that does not mean climbihg Lamarck was right all along, but instead that natural selection has more tricks up its sleeve than previously thought. Aug 22, Aaron Caskey rated it liked it. I have a pretty good tolerance for reading scientific articles and there were times that I found that Dawkins had borrowed quite deeply into his analysis.

Why the Evidence of Evolution Reveals a Universe Without Designbut this time does so in a far more polished and concise way, allowing one to skip The Blind Watchmaker should one decide to condense one’s reading list. I remembered that as a child I was fascinated by the other creatures in the world with me. Read Acquiring Genomes, by Margulis and Sagan for many more examples of possible evolutionary factors beyond natural selection.


Climbing Mount Improbable | W. W. Norton & Company

It’s understandable, because the explanation involves mathematics, and the improbablr of mathematics is what separates popular science from actual science, but it is a bit anti-climactic to end a book that began as strongly as this one by waving your hands and saying “Game theory”.


It’s fair to say muont book requires some effort, but such effort is well-rewarded I think. Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! The final chapter is a tour de force of natural history — a study of figs and their coevolution with fig wasps. Several of the chapters could be read in isolation and would be rihard candidates for the Penguin 60s series. Great book, I must say.

Especially seeing how a symmetric organism can continue to develop asymmetrically, with selection for the right mutations.

A very interesting book that is unfortunately showing its age. Dawkins is the living apostle of Darwin, with the advantage of genetic understanding.

I liked the book so much, that I bought copies for my four adult children. I highly recommend you read any Dawkins book on evolution, if you want the best coherent explanation of the processes of natural selection. How could such an intricate object have come about by chance? Pages to import images to Wikidata. Climbing Mount Improbable contains an effective selection of black and white photographs, but Penguin slipped up badly with the text.

Too many iffy chapters that were more boring than interesting Another brilliance from Richard Dawkins. Jun 20, Nancy rated it it was amazing. Richard Dawkins has at least two things going for him: Here, as in chapter one, I don’t feel Dawkins does justice to the philosophical issues involved, but perhaps countering simple popular misconceptions is more important.

To see how all things have evolved over the aeons; even things that seem to not lend themselves to Darwin’s theory of evolution. By signing up you agree to W. Here I think he is just plain wrong: One thing that I noticed in the second reading of the book, is that Dawkins is extremely analytical.

Climbing Mount Improbable – Wikipedia

Cart Support Signed in as: The metaphor of Mount Improbable represents the combination of perfection and improbability that is epitomized in the seemingly “designed” complexity of living things.

He can’t reconcile the complexity of life with the simplicity of evolution.

Evolution is a constant theme in the book and the role of genes is constantly explained in each of the chapters as they take on one specific characteristic one at a time. Once again I have the gripe with Dawkins about not citing much, this book lacks any kind of citations. He uses computer simulation to select the best web design and it is obvious to the reader that spiders over time came to a similar solution.


He explains in part through the use of his and others’ computer simulations. Dawkins terms complexity that appears to be designed, but isn’t, as “designoid,” and he describes in fascinating detail how the slow, gradual climb up the gentle slopes of Mount Improbable evolution could have resulted in several examples of such apparent design.

According richarv Wikipedia, Dawkins is “Darwin’s Rottweiler”. A good introductory course to evolution, casting away one of the biggest misunderstanding surrounding it a ‘progress towards’, hence the compatibility with a designer this book is therefore ideal for whose who would like to know more about the topic, without being recklessly preached on atheism.

I can only read so much about fig wasps and nautilus shells.

Richar seems to have been impelled to this by simulation experiments: So understandable it was. I do not think there is anyone alive who could do it better then him.

Climbing Mount Improbable

It’s interesting and all the infinite number of ways that we can mess with memory in literature, or feel despair, alienation and all of that other stuff that I’m normally very obsessed with; but then there are these things that science has learned that are actually pretty amazing–like orchids that mimic looking muont a female wasp, just to lure a male wasp to try to mate with a flowery dopplanger, and once the male wasp is trying to fuck this simulacra how long does it take a wasp to realize it’s trying to get it on with a leaf?

I get it, he’s a big ol’ celebrity atheist. Thanks for telling us about the problem. In fact, Dawkins is known for his book, “The Selfish Gene” and the relationship between the gene and evolution of life is a trademark of Richard Dawkins.