Explains how to support printing in Cocoa applications. Describes the purporse and architecture of Quick Look generators and explains how to create them. Hi, Still relatively new to Cocoa/Objective-C, I haven’t been able to find Since I’ ve seen multi-page TIFF done by another OS X app, I know it’s.

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Timothy Allan April 27, 3: I managed to eliminate those by changing the transformation matrix of the CGContext. Post as a guest Name.

PosteRazor – Easily create multi-page posters – Mac OS X Hints

Thank you for providing feedback! Steaphann 1, 5 41 If someone knows how it would be very useful to share it. So we build our own transform, ignoring the aspect crwate because we want to fill the view with that.

You have to draw the PDF at the higher resolution. QLPreviewRequest Reference QLThumbnailRequest Reference Because generating a thumbnail or preview image often requires drawing or the creation of an image, the following documents might be of help: This worked for me! Feel free to email me with questions regarding NSImage or cocoa programming in general.

NSPrintOperation works together with two other objects: Back in my prior cubicle-sitting career, a program like PosteRazor would have made for many interesting practical jokes and reduced the workload required for creating the decorations for various cgeate events. I am trying to create a multipage PDF.


The print panel is set to not be shown since we don’t need to interact with it. Overview of Generator Implementation summarizes the approaches for generating thumbnails and previews and identifies the best contexts for each approach. Quick Look Architecture describes the various components of Quick Look, including their roles and how they communicate with each other.

Cocoa/Objective-C: How do you insert pages into an NSView?

We’ll start off by briefly looking at the commonly shown export method and then implement a method that will export multi-page PDFs. You must specify a view when you create an NSPrintOperation object.

See Managing and Extending the Print Panel. Documentation Archive Developer Search. Let me explain what I’m doing here.

iphone – Create multi page PDF in objective-c – Stack Overflow

These are thumpin’ good cans Creaticity: Your app does not need to create an NSPageLayout object unless you want to manage the printing workflow yourself. In addition, from what I can tell, it doesn’t give you nearly as much control over sizing or paper type and size, and it doesn’t let you add any overlap, making it more difficult to combine the resulting pages.

Fix typos or links Fix incorrect information Xreate or update code samples Add or update illustrations Add information about The API includes five classes and one formal protocol.

  AISC 325-11 PDF

If you’d like to know more about PosteRazor, Dan Covoa covered it in detail last week for the Mac Gems blog over on creste. The NSData method works great when you have a fixed sized view that you would want to have as a single page and the printing method is perfect for when you have a view like NSTextView where its contents can easily span multiple pages.

To retain all of the original vector data, you should multipags the below code BEFORE the image is drawn for the first creafe This is working with a XIB file for static text and then adds a table from code. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This is because all you are exporting is the cache that was made by NSImage. We now only have to modify the items that we are interested in.

How can that be achieved?