Apr 18, This page is for approved Creative Thaumtaturgy only, if it has not been approved by a story teller then please do not add it. The ArCana. + oF +. CreatIve Thaumatury. The Arcana of Creative Thaumaturgy A Summary of Arcana Capabilities By Rank and Practice by Libra For use with. As the title says, I am wondering what are some creative uses that people have used for the Thaumaturgy Cantrip.

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Every Thaumaturge has their own page listing all entries made specifically by him or her. Fate Fate is the Subtle ruling Arcanum of Arcadia.

Such attacks must win crextive Clash of Wills to affect the target. This structure can not be moved once made. Guiding Star Dice Pool: White-Wolf’s counterpart has become so popular with people posting that your additions are lucky to get any real scrutiny from your peers, and by the time they post to talk about it, you’d probably be a page behind, and it’s time to move on. The thaumautrgy can shape the environment in the digital space accessed by the Mind 4 spell Virtual Voyage to create an abode or protected space that can be accessed there.

Composure Suggested Rote Skills: Space commands physical and metaphysical space, useful for travel, viewing distant events, erecting wards, and determining the Supernal sympathies and contagions of things.

Space Space is the Gross ruling Arcanum of Pandemonium. Decrease this latter bonus proportional to the amount of time the character spends using this spell. How to edit pages?


Thyrsus challenge their own bodies with horrible diseases. These items may be turned into a rote, following the rules from MtA p. By adding Forces, a type of energy can travel through an object as though it were not present. If you want to discuss contents of this creaive – this is the easiest way to do it.

Welcome page What is a Wiki Site? Each point of potency requires another spent mana and convert directly into tass. The list of user rights are listed here. I think the previous incarnations of this thread were pretty useful, and I hope it will be so again.


I’ll probably come up with more over time. Expression, Larceny, Science This spell twists the subject’s sense of time.

They gain knowledge of the Arcana used and a sort of sixth sense of the character’s Nimbus, rather than seeing it directly. Stickied with the release of 2e.

That sounds a bit simpler and more straight forward to me. The form of the tass is decided at the time of making the imago, and may be a single piece holding several points, or multiple smaller pieces.

Death grants power over ghosts and the undead, as well as the more esoteric aspects of death, such as darkness, thaumtaurgy, and of course the sundering of souls.

I want to once again create a new thread in which to create, discuss, and critique new spells. I was still mostly scientific about how the Arcana worked, and how you accomplish different tasks with them.

The Dethroned Queen Venue: Making their own equipment heavier also provides more effective strength training. It seems you have no tags attached to pages.

~ Creative Thaumaturgy ~ 2nd Edition ~ (Midnight Entity)

This doesn’t actually do anything to remove or mitigate their effects. Captain Barefoot The naturist guide to the Greek Islands. I like to think so. Finally, characters who thaumatufgy most of their time under the influence of this spell lengthen their lifespans by 25 years for every dot of the Life Arcanum the caster possesses.


Their powers are invariably connected in some manner to the nature of, or the manner of death of, the ghost inhabiting them — e. All characters, names, places and text ccreative are copyrighted by CCP hf.

It’s said that all hours wound and the last one kills. The mage cannot render an object weightless with this spell, but can make telekinesis via Forces more or less difficult see “Tekekinesis,” p. Per-page discussion has been enabled. Here at Midnight Entity, you guys have shown me that you actually read my posts and give ample replies and I creatkve you for itand there are thaumatkrgy enough of us that I have time to read your posts, too. Matter proves mastery over the Fallen World’s physicality.

Last edited by Cleverest creatife Things ; Forces can call down lightning or summon balls of fire, even alter light to cause a mage to become invisible.

Note that by default, this does not allow a Mage to use their 1 dot Counterspell attainment, as the information is still only learned when Peripheral Sight is triggered.