James Rickards Currency Wars made this reader remember what Secretary of the Navy John Lehman so vividly told Tom Clancy after reading. Currency Wars by Song Hongbing, also known as The Currency War, is a bestseller in China, devaluation, see Currency war. For James G. Rickards’ Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis, see James G. Rickards. In , President Nixon imposed national price controls and took the United States off the gold standard, an extreme measure intended to end an ongoing.

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James Rickards declares that Obama will go back to the gold-backed currency regime. This audacious and miscalculated prediction perhaps makes him cringe now, though his subsequent books suggest otherwise. From WWI tothis book covers, wxrs chronological order, various financial recessions and crisis including, but not limited to, the great depression and market crash. I can’t really form an opinion about the veracity of anything Rickards says, which aims at the big flaw here: The book is too short to do what it seems to want to do, and too long for what it actually does.

The topic rickqrds pretty cjrrency, but even with no formal background in economics like methe book is readable and the author does a good job of explaining the issues. In some cases this tactic worked This book is frankly terrifying.

Currency Wars

The war game, like the book as a whole, disintegrates from promising to insubstantial. Feb 11, Troy Tegeder rated it really liked it. While the Fed policies of quantitative easing raise fears of inflation at home, this means world wide inflation–a policy that will lead not only to resentment, but countermeasures that will lead to greater conflict.

This book should be a must-read for everyone who studies macroeconomics, trade and policy, who may one day become the next generation policy maker. I thought durrency author seemed extremely knowledgeable and did a good job at sharing the history, over all what he shared seemed pretty balanced xurrency reasonable.


Open Preview See a Problem? Time and again, paper currencies have collapsed, assets have been frozen, gold has been confiscated, and capital controls have been imposed. Mar 17, Ben Galbraith rated it really crrency it. Is the material outdated? See 2 questions about Currency Wars….

He favors a return in some form to a gold standard – a hotly debated topic since the Nixon era But as a prescriptive, i. Why the GOV is intentionally trying to devalue the dollar with QE Why the elite laugh at those who speak of the need for a gold standard Why the last two global currency wars hurt even the winners Its something else how entangled our world is toget This book was quite interesting, helping me understand a little more: The Rothschild family’s wealth is times the Bill Gates’ wealth.

I only hope that it occurs in some of the less devastating ways laid out. After all, how difficult is it to get the major industrial nations together to cut carbon emissions?

Currency War, Then Trade War — Is Shooting War Next?

This exercise is a classic zero-sum game which means what some trade partners collectively gain in exports, the others will collectively lose. What are the implications of Obama’s policy to double exports?

Rickards is a well trained and experienced, commentator on economics, geopolitics and finance. He presents a coherent and unsettling picture of the current predicament the U.

Currency War, Then Trade War — Is Shooting War Next? – The Daily Reckoning

Currency wars are one of the most destructive and feared outcomes in international economics. Eventually, the world wakes up to this reality and moves to the trade war stage. According to Zhang Jiayi, it could be argued that the “currency wars” series of books’ goal in promoting the conspiracy theory is precisely to meet the angry psychology of youth.


Cuerency untangles the web of failed paradigms, wishful thinking, and arrogance driving current public rlckards and points the way toward a more informed and effective course of action. See all books by James Rickards.

Rickards is an interesting guy.

Though it may sound bitter, can we argue with Rickards that the Fed was seemingly created to save the major banks from themselves rather than to act as a lender of last resort?

Policy on the Economy”. My only criticism is that Rickards seems to have one foot in the hard money camp, and the other in the central banking camp.

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Published November 10th by Portfolio first published November He even goes so far to suggest, an all out physical war could erupt among international blocks of trading partners to physically re-balance trade. The author responded to these comment by saying “While many scholars have voiced their objections to this book, they are aimed at the details of the book, not its logic or structure. There’s a lot of confidence in his arguments that comes only with hindsight, a characteristic feature of every economist.

The first page itself shows how outdated the book is. Sep 28, Matthew rated it really liked it Shelves: To see what your friends thought of currsncy book, please sign up. Aug 28, Pages. Preview — Currency Wars by James Rickards. James Rickard is great and easy to understand.

We should look for slower growth and possibly a recession as the trade and currenccy wars play out. Today we are engaged in a new currency war, and this time the consequences will be far worse than those that confronted Nixon.