Tuning range: FM, MW. Power output: watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo). Surround output: W (front), W (center), W (rear). Be sure to keep this manual for future reference should any questions or . Thank you for choosing the DENON AVRR Digital Surround A / V receiver. The new Denon AVR is an AV receiver/controller that attempts to take on which is well documented within the users manual and is also adeptly aided for.

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The extra back rear surrounds better link the total rear presentation. Select this when using speakers that do not have sufficient performance for reproducing bass sound below the frequency set for the Crossover Frequency mode.

From within this set-up procedure, the end-user exhibits more control over the subwoofer crossover frequency low-passa feature rarely found available to many audio video receiver owners.

Wvr-4802 instrument should play with its own distinctiveness of sound, but still not be so forward as to overpower the total musical avr-48002. I personally have never been a big fan of these false sounding digital surround fields. Page 28 when the sound crackles. But, this is an insignificant avr-802 when you take into account the exponential relationship between dB and power. However, one must keep his perspective in focus, because the bottom line in high-end audio is still all about performance and not price levels.

The Denon plays this well-known aria with a sense of novel originality. Set the surround parameters according to the mode.

The last two optical digital outputs are equipped with an optical digital output jack for recording digital signals on a DAT unit or other type digital recorder. Dolby Digital and DTS seem rather pedestrian, when compared to the more elaborate marketing names of the newer formats. This extra size may result in better airflow and cooling for the unit. The OSD is not output from the component out jacks. As digital sound fields go, the AVR includes all the usual i.


IN button on the remote control unit to switch the external input. Page 38 Playback using the external input EXT. Start playing the source to be output.

Use a separate head amplifier or step-up transformer. As the song becomes more and more complex, the listener never seems overloaded with an excess of instruments. Use it for example to adjust the balance of the sound from the different positions when playing multi-channel music sources. Watching the display, select the desired preset channel. As viewed from the interior photo shown abovethe power transformer is positioned near the center of the unit to minimize unwanted vibration.

The dejon of manuaal speakers seems to yield better integration between the rear surrounds. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

The new extensive home theater surround format modes on this unit further that same acoustic accuracy found within the Dolby Digital 5. This prevents future inadvertent subwoofer overload due to excessively strong bass content when the master volume control is at a high level. Denon operating instructions av surround receiver avr 60 pages. For details, see page If it not for my familiarity with the songs on each CD, I would be hard pressed to differentiate between the two denom.

Denon owner’s manual av surround receiver avr 63 pages. I am trying not to be an advocate of the buy more attitude, but manyal extra rear back speakers do payoff in performance.

One has definitely returned to mainstream Middle-Earth, but within these acoustical parameters, it has a performance level certainly among the cream of the crop. Still, improvement was evident, just not to my desired level. On the amplification side of things, this unit has sufficient power to drive moderately sensitive high-end quality speaker systems.

They usually also have liberal damage return policies. It works just as well for audio.


Denon Stereo System AVR User Guide |

The Denon seemed strained in pushing my ,anual speakers to the same clean and precise sound level as my separate amplifier. This packaging seemed woefully deficient, especially in protection from manufacturer to dealer shipment, and stock boy treatment. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. The Journey My first impulse was to try this unit solely as a preamp and utilize my separate amplifier. This number of component video mahual is a rare and much-welcomed sight.

Recalling preset stations Main unit: But, you need not be a wise old sage to come to this conclusion!

The Outcome So in summary, would the AVR entice me to leave the land of high-end audio separates? Surround The AVR is equipped with a digital signal processing circuit that lets you play program sources in the surround mode to achieve the same sense of presence as in a movie theater.

But, I still enjoyed both multi-channel audio presentations with equal gratification. Usually, they have levels of treble that can expose a metallic harshness, which can give one the false impression of more musical detail.

Poor integration of instruments can diminish the final musical presentation.

Denon AVR-4802 Operating Instructions Manual

Denon av surround receiver operating instructions avr 69 pages. But, I guess I should be a bit more realistic with AV controllers. This means that you can connect a pair of bipolar or dipolar surround speakers mounted on either side of the prime listening positionas well as a separate pair of direct radiating monopolar speakers placed at the rear corners of the listening room.

When comparing it to its more direct receiver competition, maanual Denon amplification did seem at a lofty altitude in performance level.