This text explains in detail the meaning of death. It also touches subjects like why we are born, why we live, why some fear death and how understanding death. Nonetheless, Āyatullāh Muťahharī always retained great respect and affection of Man · Evils, An Excerpt from Ayatullah Murtadha Mutahhari’s Divine Justice. Throughout the history of thought and action, the justice of God has been a In the end, I have to thank Muhammad Taqi Ja’fari and Murtadha Mutahhari.

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The third part of the discussion reveals the beautiful and unique order of the world of justixe, and it can be considered an independent answer—albeit sufficient—or a useful complement to the first answer.

In nature, where there is evil there is also good, and where there is good there is also evil. First, is dviine possible to separate these deficiencies and lacks from the affairs of this world, or not? Or is there one or rather several goodnesses hidden in every evil, mutahbari evil producing one or several goodnesses?

The second part has become clear in the course of the first part and will become clearer in what follows, and the third part requires greater discussion, and we will discuss it in depth in the next section. In the view of the dualists, who have divided the world into two divisions, good and evil, and consider the existence of evils to be extraneous, or rather detrimental, and naturally consider them to be from not God but rather a power in opposition to God, God is like a well-intentioned but weak human being who is tormented by existing conditions and is not pleased with them, but is faced with a wicked and ill- intentioned rival who, in opposition to Justiec desire, creates evils and vices.

Dovine says, Snake-poison is life to the snake, But it is death in relation to man. Can it be said that a scorpion is evil for itself? Earlier we promised that out of these four typesof objections, we would discuss the first under the heading “Discriminations” and the hustice three under the heading “Evils.

View this page in our App. Things, inasmuch as they exist for themselves, are real, and in this sense are not evil.

When I’d order they would tell me they’re out. These by their essence are non-being.

I had the book but it was destroyed in a basement flood. Posted September 5, Attributes by which things are described are of two types: A wolf is bad for a sheep, but not for itself or for a plant [for example]; just as a sheep, with respect to a plant that it eats and destroys, is bad, but with respect to itself, human beings, or a wolf [for example], it is not bad.


Here, the standard is the size of other apples and pairs; that is, the apple or pair in question is either smaller or larger in size compared to other apples and pairs that we are mutahhsri with.

Whether evils be existential or non-existential, are good and evil separable or inseparable? With respect to evils, whether of the first or the second type, the same is the case.

Here, it must be said that the evilness of snake poison is in its for-other being, not in its in- itself being. As for the aspect of Divine justice and infinite Divine wisdom, there are still other levels which we have to pass after this one.

This point has a long precedent. That is, your explanation which came into being through you is the same in all four instances, but each of those instances has an attribute peculiar to itself.

These types of attributes, which are suppositional and derivational attributes, are at the same time necessary and inseparable corollaries of their objects, which are real and actual things.

In this way, the objection of the dualists and the fallacious idea of the duality and dual origin of being is eliminated, since it was jjstice that being is not of two types for there to be a need of two origins. This is why a body that loses the attribute of life and turns into an inanimate object has descended, not ascended. Justicd conclusion that can be reached from this discussion is only that being is not of two types: But Islam, at the same time as it considers God to be the origin of all existence and possessor of unending mercy and supreme wisdom, it doesn’t find fault with His supreme will and uncontestable power; it relates everything to Him, even Satan and his leading astray.

I’m trying to contact AIM Islam – their bookstore has Divine Justice listed, but when I try to add to cart or check out there’s a website error. Sign In Sign Up. The roots of this idea go back to ancient Greece. We also call a particular watermelon small. When we say that a body is small, we have to see in comparison to what thing or relative to what thing we call mutauhari small.


If a beast of prey were to exist but not to prey [on other things], that is, if it were not to cause loss of life for anything, it would not be muathhari, and if it exists and loss of life takes place, it is evil. Divine justice demands that such things not exist so that their effects, which are deficiencies, also not exist. You will see that the small camel is many millions of times the size of that very large ant. Blindness is non-being, and every evil is non-being.

Death, An Excerpt from Murtadha Mutahhari’s Divine Justice

It is obvious that the second case is correct. We think the matter is important enough to be given attention, and of course we will try to explain the matter as simply as possible. Posted June 22, Similarly, whiteness and blackness assuming that colours are actual things are real attributes. This is the meaning of our statement: The dualists have been unable to harmonize belief in the unlimited power and unchallenged will of God and His uncontested decree with belief in His Wisdom, Justice, and Goodness.

This point can be elucidated in two ways: When we say that light emanates from the originating centre, one cannot ask where the shadow has emanated from and what the centre of darkness is. What is the essence of evils? Or does neither predominate over the other, with them being equal.

Book Request: ” Divine Justice – Mutahhari ” – Off-Topic –

I might just end up ordering it from them in case. Why are some beings good and some evil? Instead, being, inasmuch as it is being, is good; and non-being, inasmuch as it is non-being, is evil; beings can mjtahhari evil inasmuch as they are coupled with non-beings or are the sources of non-beings.

Rather, the ultimate and real absolute, which is a reality free of every condition, cause, and limitation, is mutahharu Divine Essence, and it is from this perspective that the necessity of His Essence is an pre-eternal necessity and not an essential necessity in its conventional meaning. In other words, things have not come into being twice or been given two beings, one in-themselves and the other in-relation.